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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Solstice

      It's that time, the turning from dark to lighter days ahead. It's not that the sun's light has disappeared as we sit in the longest night of darkness. Acknowledging the Winter Solstice is the joy of looking forward to the promise of growing light in every way imaginable.

      In the days leading up to the births of my sons, I declined invitations and craved being alone while listening to calming music and moving in and out of low lying yoga postures. As we await the sun's rebirth, in what ways are you letting go with the cold, dark and heaviness of the earth? Are you feeling insecure, nervous or at peace with what's coming next in the New Year?

      Take some time this week to watch the sunset. Notice what you feel without being attached to whether you're doing it right or wrong. When you're done take 3 deep breaths.


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Bandhas Yoga Studies Online Notes

Here are a few online notes from the Bandha Yoga Studies Special Class I taught at Ramapo College of New Jersey:

Bandhas is a Sanskrit word to describe the energetic locks found within the body. When activated and engaged these energetic locks which are found in 5 different locations of the body support strengthening as well as lifting the body against gravity's downward pull. Visualize what an arm balance, an inversion or jumping to the top of the mat from downward facing dog does to the body. All of these postures lift you from earth's downward pull. When you practice yoga consistently and connect to these energetic locks, you get lighter in all of your postures as well as within your daily life off the mat.

There are 6 bandhas and the first three major bandhas are:

Mula Bandha is your root lock and is located within the pelvic floor. This lock consists of muscles that sit between the pubis bone and coccyx. This area is known as the pelvic floor. Contracting these pelvic floor muscles creates a subtle lifting feeling. Activating and engaging Mula Bandha while practicing yoga can help create space and support with pre existing lower back pain and can help ward off any tension that could happen to the low back body.

Uddiyana Bandha is the active engagement of the abdominal muscles. It is often referred to as the upward flying lock because when practiced your prana flies up the central channel which is called the sushumna. When you inhale to stretch and expand your mid body then exhale where you draw your navel in towards your spine and up towards your ribcage you both tone and create space within the abdominal body where multiple organs reside. Here you also exercise the diaphragm muscle as well as remove stagnant air from the lungs.

When Mula Bandha which governs the lower chakras and Uddiyana Bandha which stimulates the 3rd, 4th and 5th chakras are activated and engaged there's an feeling of an upward physical lift from the inside out. Imagine the understanding of Mula Bandha and Uddiyana Bandha that's necessary to jump lightly from downward facing dog into a crow pose.

Jalandhara Bandha is the throat lock. It is the engagement of the muscles in the front of the neck that draws the chin down towards a lifted chest. Think of it as a net like a fisherman's net that catches and releases prana when it's closes and opens. Jalandhara Bandha is always exercised after Mula Bandha and Uddiyana Bandha are engaged. Practicing Jaladhara Bandha stimulates and exercises the thyroid which balances the regulation of hormones responsible for a healthy metabolism and growth.

Jaladhara Bandha activates one's intuition which is found within the third eye as well as connects an individual their unbound potential which is found within the crown chakra.

Mula Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha and Jaladhara Bandha are being practiced here in Halasana/Plow Pose and above in Salamba Sarvangasana/Supported Shoulder Stand. All 3 Bandhas are engaged here making the great lock, Maha Bandha. In Maha Bandha the nervous system is relaxed as your energy is drawing inward versus outward towards external stimuli.

The next big bandha and the smaller two bandhas are:

Maha Bandha is the engagement of all three bandhas. It is known as the great lock. When you engage all three locks in Maha Bandha you are exercising and healing nearly every system in the body, such as the respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, excretion. You are also engaging muscles in the pelvic floor, core body in addition to the cervical body. Here the thyroid, an endocrine gland which regulates your metabolism and ability to grow is stimulated. Practicing Maha Bandha increases your overall wellness.

Finally the two less spoken about but still very important bandhas are Hasta and Pada Bandhas. Pada Bandhas are found within the feet and Hasta Bandhas within the hands. Activate and engage Pada Bandhas while standing by bringing awareness to the four corners of your feet and the energetic lift of your arches by using the muscles on the inner and outer legs. When it's time for your hands to hold some or all of your weight such as in plank pose or arm balances, before engaging the first 3 bandhas to support and lighten the internal body, do feel the hands connect to the ground through the base of the index knuckles and thumb knuckles while there is a suctioning upwards feel through the center of the palms. This lifting action within the palms plus the engagement of Mula, Uddiyana and Jalandhara Bandhas will create a feeling of ease as well as strength within your wrists, elbows and shoulders.


Friday, November 18, 2016

Thanksgiving Day Gratitude Yoga Flow

It's not happiness that brings us gratitude. It's gratitude that brings us happiness.

Please join me on Thanksgiving Day at Bamboomoves Yoga in Englewood, New Jersey for a Gratitude Yoga Flow all levels class at 9:30am for 1hr and 30min. Visit www.bamboomovesenglewood.com to pre register. Drop in students are welcome.

Friday, November 11, 2016

5 Vayus Yoga Study Notes

Prana Vayu-Drawing in life and inspiring energy

Yoga philosophy suggests there are up to 30 different characteristics of prana and with practice we can connect to 5 of them. These qualities of prana are called the vayus which is a Sanskrit word for inner winds. Prana is considered to be the energy which animates everything in existence. Prana is the life force that fills each breath that comes into our bodies with inspiration to move, grow, create and transform. In preparation for my subtle body anatomy teachings Friday November 11th 6-9pm at Ramapo College of New Jersey in the Krame Center I created some yoga wisdom photography art which highlights each of the 5 vayu's physical body associations along with a brief explanation about each vayu.

Let's begin with prana vayu. When a newborn takes in it's first breath, every part of the baby from its organs to its cells is animated. Prana vayu is a life giving force. See the picture above for the highlighted physical location of prana vayu, the heart and lungs. When you inhale, prana vayu is drawn into the body and it inspires the 4 other vayus to initiate.

Apana Vayu-Let it go and flow with what's new

Apana Vayu is experienced on the exhale. It is a downward and outwards wind. It is grounding, calming and centering. This vayu moves through the lower abdominal and pelvic region. It governs the letting go process, making it the space making wind that ushers in change.

Udana Vayu- Upwards flowing energy that communicates the truth of our highest self

It's easy to connect to inhaling in and up and exhaling down and out however how about exploring udana vayu where your breath moves upwards and pauses for a moment? Try finding udana vayu by taking a deep inhale in and letting your breath pause at the top of the inhale. Here notice your breath move into your throat, face and top of your head. How do you feel? Lighter, taller, clearer?

Udana Vayu governs the throat, brain and face. It revitalizes our vision and our ability to communicate. Working with this upwards flowing wind can positively affect how we think, dream and communicate.

Samana Vayu-The fire wind that helps you process and transform

Heat can turn ice into water, what's raw into cooked and what's cold to warm. Fire, agni in Sanskrit is an immediate transformer. The digestive fire that's found within our bellies can digest a meal, great ideas into action as well as fuel our breath. When we exhale and contract our belly we are hugging our insides and accessing samana vayu.

Deepen your next inhale and notice your heart space and lungs fill up with prana vayu. Stretch that same inhale and access udana vayu to inspire your throat, face and brain. Deepen your exhale and ground with apana vayu. Pause at the bottom of that same exhale and stoke your inner fire with samana vayu. Let that fire help you process all that you need to let go or keep for your transformation.

Vyana Vayu-The whole body is restored and ready to serve with love and kindness

Often we come to our yoga mat feeling worn down and broken apart. With breath work, postures and meditation we awaken from our final relaxation pose feeling put back together and mindful of our calm and grounded state. Awareness of the body in its whole and centered state is vyana vayu.

From this balanced space its easy to connect with enthusiasm to our purpose whether its physical actions of service and kindness or energetic such as sending positive vibes to another. When our well depletes we return to the mat and reconnect to vyana vayu. This 5th vayu supports and balances the 4 others.

Friday, November 4, 2016

5 Winds, 6 Locks and Many Mudras Yoga Study at Ramapo College of NJ

Samana Vayu, the inner wind of fire is located within the mid body & assists in processing what you need to keep or let go. 

5 winds/vayus, 6 locks/bandhas and many mudras subtle anatomy teachings special workshop class is coming up Friday Nov. 11th 6-9pm at Ramapo College of New Jersey in the Krame Center. This special class is part of Ramapo College's yoga studies teacher training program and is open to drop in students. 

Please visit www.ramapo.edu for more information on the yoga studies and mindfulness programs at Ramapo College of NJ.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween/Samhain Ritual

     During Halloween, Samhain is its ancient name, the veil between the worlds is thin. The truth is the veil between the worlds is always thin when we lift the veil within our minds that separates us from seeing ourselves as pure consciousness who lives in multiple dimensions. This Halloween both the sun and the moon are in Scorpio, so astrologically it's a perfect time to gaze deeply into the depths of yourself, look at your fears, the power you give them and begin the let go process.

    Consider doing a solitary candlelight gazing meditation ritual where you allow your deep seated fears to surface. Here you can feel them, say goodbye to them and observe how they transform into your empowerment. If you celebrate this time by exploring beyond your believed safety zones by taking part in the thrills and chills of Halloween by going to dress up parties, watching scary movies, attending parades and more, be sure to take the hands of whoever you are with to share the theme of letting go. Courageously walk up to death and say "Hello!"

Friday, October 7, 2016

Chakra Study Notes

In preparation for my Chakra Study special class Friday Oct. 7th 6-9pm at Ramapo College of New Jersey in the Krame Center I created some chakra art along with some notes to ease one's understanding of our energy body. My suggestion in digesting this post is observing the artwork and reading each chakra's notes and feeling what comes up without over analyzing it. If you over think it you just may miss feeling your chakra body.

Chakras are 7 wheels of light that spin and shine bright within our energetic field. Life's stresses and struggles can shut them down yet we can break open our 7 seals of light with breath work, yoga and meditation practice. The gift that comes from blooming your light body open like a lotus flower is your truth is revealed and from there the magic you've been waiting for happens.

Above is an image of the first chakra, Muladhara Chakra. The bija mantra is LAM, the color is red and it's element is earth. This chakra is found in the base of your pelvis. It is your survival center which governs your home, family, money and holds your space in being a part of supporting the whole universe.

It's healing affirmations: I am strong. I am safe. I am grounded.

The second chakra is Svadhisthana Chakra. It sits in the center of the hips and rules relationships. The color is orange and the mantra is VAM. Water is the element which makes it all move.

Healing affirmations: I like. I dislike. I create. I am worthy of pleasure and love.

The third chakra is Manipura Chakra. It sits in between the navel and solar plexus. The mantra is RAM, the color is yellow and the element is fire which shines as bright as the sun. This golden flame fuels your digestion and houses your truth and ego.

Healing affirmations: I manifest my dreams as I connect to the universe.

The fourth chakra is Anahata Chakra. It rests in the heart center, the center of the chest and it's key is the breath. YAM is it's mantra, air is the element and green is the color which opens you to love and eliminates fear.

Healing affirmation: I am love. I give. I receive in gratitude. I forgive.

The fifth chakra is Visshudha Chakra. It sits in the throat and represents communication. It's color is blue like the sky, the mantra is HAM and the element is space. When this energy center is balanced your words are pure.

Healing affirmation: I listen. I have clear and compelling words. I lovingly speak my truth.

The sixth chakra is Ajna Chakra. It shines within the third eye which is in between your eyebrows. It is the color of the twilight sky. This blue/purple energy center's element is space and it's bija mantra is OM. When your clear this center, your mind is quiet and you see clearly.

Healing affirmations: I see the big picture and I accept my path.

The seventh chakra is Sahasrara Chakra. It's pure white light that's shining down on your crown. It's mantra is OM and the element is space. A thousand petal lotus that has bloomed wide open and unites you with your supreme soul.

Healing affirmations: I am fully connected. I am limitless. I am blissful. I am love. I am understanding.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Reflection: Welcome Fall

Pashchima Namaskarasana/Reverse Prayer Pose Hands

Fall is a season of decision making, study, choosing what to keep and what to release. It's a time to dive deep down inside and know your heart's truth so you can clarify your intention for the year to come. There's a struggle in saying goodbye to what looks good on the surface however you can take with you what can be held and cherished within your heart. What you can embrace within your heart is the essential ingredient that will grow your intention for 2017.

Have courage!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mudra Study Notes

Here are some notes from Friday September 16th's 7pm  Mudra Yoga Study Circle at Birchwood Center for Yoga and Massage in Nyack, New York. Please enjoy:

We do so much with our hands. We touch, feel, discover, receive, let go and more. We have a multitude of nerves in our hands to help us do so. Yoga's ancient teachings of our subtle (energy) body anatomy teaches we embody the elements of nature within our fingers as shown in the picture above.

Mudras are hand gestures. When we practice mudras we evoke, experience and heal various emotions we embody. We also stimulate our glands, nerves, organs and more. As you practice mudras you deeply connect to your subtle energetic self which grounds and empowers you in addition to vibrantly connects you to all that surrounds you.

There are hundreds of mudras to practice. Here I've shared a few by creating some mudra art with a bit of mudra wisdom. As you practice these hand gestures pay attention to how you feel.

Let's start with perhaps the most popular of mudras, Jnana or sometimes called Gyan mudra, the seal of wisdom. When you take your pointer finger to your thumb you connect to your root chakra, muladhara chakra. Feelings of being calm and grounded arise. This rooted and centered feeling improves your memory and increases your concentration which inspires creativity and your transformation. Any left over feelings of anxiety and powerlessness melt away. This mudra awakens and heals your endocrine and pituitary glands in addition to your nervous system.

Jnana mudra's planetary association is Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Imagine all the wisdom you've attained thus far expanding you to accomplish more than your wildest dreams ever imagined. Jupiter rules the astrological sign Sagittarius, the half man half horse archer who points his arrow towards the highest target. See this mudra as the lucky hand gesture.

Take your middle finger to your thumb and experience Shuni mudra, the seal of patience. It takes courage and responsibility to have the discipline that following through with anything requires. Shuni is the Sanskrit word for the planet Saturn. The planet of karma, hard work and discipline. Saturn rules the astrological sign of Capricorn. Think of Capricorn's image of the mountain goat dedicated to climbing up the mountain. Use this mudra when feelings of hopelessness and giving up arise.

Take your ring finger to your thumb and feel Surya mudra, the seal of good health. This hand gesture is often referred to as the weight loss mudra because it boosts your metabolism. When you practice this mudra you invite surya's, the sun's strength into your system. This mudra stokes your digestive fire and your third chakra, manipura chakra. Practice this mudra to boost your confidence, increase your sex appeal and to keep yourself strong as you move through life's transitions.

Surya mudra's planetary association is Uranus, the awakener. The planet of rebellion. Uranus rules the astrological sign of Aquarius, the revolutionary water bearer.

Let your pinky finger and thumb tips touch and feel Varun or also called Buddhi mudra, the seal of mental clarity. Varun is the Hindu Deity that governs water, the celestial ocean. Water is the element associated with the pinky finger. When you practice this mudra you stimulate the water element within you which eases digestion and your muscles, makes your skin and eyes glow in addition to skillfully blend the intuitive impressions you receive with everyday facts.

Varun mudra's planetary association is Mercury the planet of communication. Mercury rules the signs of the intellect, Gemini, the twins and Virgo, the maiden.  

When you take your palms together at the center of your chest you create Anjali mudra, prayer pose hands. It is a very popular mudra to practice and extremely powerful. This hand gesture is where you put your intention, your highest purpose and offer it up to the sun to strengthen it.

Padma mudra, lotus mudra is a beautiful expression of your purpose blossoming into a reality.

There are so many mudras to experience. If you're interested in seeing and learning more please follow me on instagram @allisonegandatwani for my latest mudra wisdom art and descriptions.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mudra Study at Birchwood Center of Yoga & Massage in Nyack, NY

Friday September 16th 7pm-8:30pm I will be leading the Yoga Study Circle at Birchwood Center of Yoga and Massage in Nyack, New York.

Here we will discuss the rich and ancient wisdom of mudras, hand gestures. Mudras are expressions of the subtle body. Rather than having fixed meanings, mudras are meant to be felt. During this special class I will coax you into feeling mudras. I will explain the energetic characteristics of our hands, demonstrate and describe many different mudras in depth, and teach a mudra flow that can be done while seated. Learn how you can use your hands as the focus of meditation and feel what mudras have the most significance for your healing in any moment.

Please visit www.birchwoodcenter.com to register for this special class.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Harvest Season Reflection

If you're feeling weary from the consistent effort it takes to get something you wish to see done, find strength and peace in the understanding that you are a champion. Disciplined and dedicated to harvesting the rewards of a proper initiation.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Gentle Yoga at Birchwood Center in Nyack, NY

I'm pleased to share the softer side of my yoga practice with my bi weekly Gentle Yoga classes which start tomorrow Wednesday August 24th at 11:45am-1:00pm at Birchwood Center for Yoga and Massage in Nyack, New York. Monday August 29th at 11:45am-1:00pm is the second class.

This class is designed to ground, center and stretch you with plenty of seated postures. I will lead you through a smooth and simple standing posture flow that will strengthen your body and exercise balance. Also there's minimal if any pressure of the hands against the floor practiced. This is excellent for those of you with hand, wrist, elbow and neck and shoulder issues. I've noticed from my daily yoga practice, that it's refreshing to have days when your yoga practice doesn't do a chaturanga, upward facing dog, downward facing dog and other fire inducing postures. Within this Gentle Yoga class we will also practice a restorative yoga posture, breath exercises and sit in meditation a little longer than most yoga classes.

I do hope to see the gentle side of you on the mat Mondays and Wednesdays at 11:45am.

Please visit www.birchwoodcenter.com for more details and notice their wide selection of classes and special events.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fall Yoga & Meditation NEW Class Schedule & Special Events

I've carried crystals, jumped on trampolines, visited shamans and more of the same. I've come to realize that I AM my own antidote. Learn how to connect to your I AM presence, your highest self anytime with a regular yoga practice.

My NEW Fall teaching schedule:

Mondays   11:30 am   Gentle Yoga   1 hr and 15 min   www.birchwoodcenter.com   Nyack, NY (starts August 29th)

                 6:10 pm   Open Level   1 hr and 30 min   www.bamboomovesenglewood.com   Englewood, NJ

Tuesdays   9:15 am   Level 2/3   1 hr and 30 min   www.birchwoodcenter.com   Nyack, NY

                 12 noon   Gentle Warrior   1 hr and 30 min    www.bamboomovesenglewood.com Englewood, NJ

                 4:00 pm   Kids Yoga ages 5-8 special 6 week 1 hr class series starts Tuesday Sept. 13th please pre register at   www.bamboomovesenglewood.com   Englewood, NJ

Wednesdays   11:30 am   Gentle Yoga   1 hr and 15 min   www.birchwoodcenter.com   Nyack, NY (starts August 24th)

Thursdays   12 noon   Gentle Warrior   1 hr and 30 min   www.bamboomovesenglewood.com   Englewood, NJ

Fridays   9:30 pm   Level 2/3   1 hr and 30 min   www.birchwoodcenter.com   Nyack, NY

Special Events:

Mudras: Expressions of the Subtle Body is a special Yoga Study Circle class Friday September 16th 7-8:30 pm at Birchwood Center of Yoga and Massage in Nyack, New York.

Please register or drop in for this special class at www.birchwoodcenter.com

Ramapo College of New Jersey's 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training I will be leading how to put together a yoga class people come back to. How to thread yoga philosophy throughout your class without sounding overly preachy. How to develop an at home yoga practice plus the importance of yoga teachers having a daily practice. I also teach the subjects listed below within the yoga teacher training which starts this September. Please visit www.ramapo.edu for more info and to register.

*Chakras: Subtle Anatomy is a special workshop that is part of Ramapo College of New Jersey's Yoga Teacher Training. This workshop is open to external students Friday October 7th 6-9pm.

*Bandhas and Mudras: Subtle Anatomy and Expressions of the Subtle Body is a special workshop that is part of Ramapo College of New Jersey's Yoga Teacher Training. This workshop is open to external students Friday November 11th 6-9pm.

*Please revisit www.glamorousyogini.com  for more details and online notes. You can also click into www.ramapo.edu for more information about Ramapo College's Yoga Studies and Ramapo College's Krame Center's partnership with the Center of Mindfulness (CFM) at UMass Medical School. CFM has been a pioneer in the mindfulness movement and bringing Jon Kabat-Zinn's Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course to tens of thousands of people. This 8 week course is available at Ramapo College of NJ.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Meditation: Harvest Season

What if I let go of everything I planned for today and tomorrow and sit in that space the gurus talk about where I am not the body, not the mind? I am nothing, in no place, in no time and floating about the cosmos. Maybe sitting on a flower or hanging out on a thread of a rug.

What would happen? Would I catch that train going somewhere new and needed when I pop back into my mind and body? Would I be OK with what I chose before is not needed in the world today? Can I stay on the new pathway of infinite potential and co create a far reaching reality than imagined before?

As my friends and students gift me homegrown blueberries, tomatoes and honey from their backyards as I book my back to school teachings, I feel how the harvest season is in full swing. During this season of collecting what's new during August-November, enjoy picking the fruits of your labor, your love. But do know you can re chose what you collect in gratitude. Nothing has to be a certain way.  Let the magic unfold.

Friday, July 29, 2016


   Reflecting on forgiveness can bring up our most painful wounds as well as the people who come with them. This can make most of us say forget about forgiveness instead of forgiving and forgetting the past. Rather than passing on embodying the great gifts that forgiveness has to offer, how about noticing the everyday opportunities you receive to exercise forgiveness? Such as not holding a grudge against the person who missed your appointment with them, being OK with the invitation to the party you didn't receive or understanding the person who always interrupts and just doesn't know better. Perhaps you can dig a little deeper inward and notice if you were in the wrong and need to forgive yourself. 

   When you truly let go of the inner and outer critical dialogue, have compassion and forgive another including yourself, you set yourself free. Also forgiving another doesn't make you a push over. You can craft it into a pathway to move forward with improved communication, clearer boundaries or the sentiment that it was nice knowing you, goodbye and good luck!

    If you make forgiveness a practice you will soon understand that the person who benefits most from forgiveness is you. With this profound realization you just might find you will have the motivation to work on forgiving and forgetting your deepest wounds. 

   Tuesday August 2nd the Rev. JP Dada Vaswani celebrates his 98th birthday. He like last year and the years before requests that on his birthday Aug. 2nd at 2pm no matter what time zone you're in to take a few moments to become still, get quiet and reflect on forgiveness. This international meditation is called "A Moment of Calm." Imagine the positive wave of peace this inner work can do. Please join us this coming Tuesday at 2pm for a Moment of Calm.

Monday, July 18, 2016

A Meditation: Connecting to Your Eternal Self

Nature does not recognize the injustice that's found within the world. It certainly can be affected by it such as in pollution, forests being destroyed and so on however it doesn't engage in what humans do to it and of course what we do to each other. With the world news being so overwhelming, it's hard not to notice the fear that has been generated within my thoughts and the community I live in.

Here's an easy to follow meditation practice I find useful when things fall apart:

Spend so time outside. Perhaps you can go to a favorite spot or sit on the nearest park bench. Quietly sit, stand or practice yoga postures while allowing nature to be alive and moving around you like a friend.

Release your global and internal concerns and notice what you hear, see, smell and feel. Perhaps the warm summer wind, the vast sky above or the morning dew on the grass. Realize the part of your consciousness that is eternal. The part of you that embodies the enduring elements of nature. Such as your internal fire that's found within your belly that relates to the sun's strength. Your reliable breath like the air we breathe. Your limitless potential which is like the upper regions of air that's beyond the clouds. Emotions that rise and fall like the tidal quality of water and a sense of home that's found within your heart as your grounding and earthly connection.

Meditating in nature and connecting with it as a living being can help you reach this eternal state. A state of realizing that you too like nature have limitless qualities which are not helpless when things fall apart. This is not a one time meditation yet one you can practice over and over for about twenty minutes.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Kid's Yoga

This coming September I will be leading a 6 week long Kid's Yoga program with my mini, Krishna.
Kid's Yoga introduces children ages 5-8 to a fun yoga practice that is non competitive, physically inspiring as well as peaceful and calming. It is never too soon to start your yoga practice.

Time: Tuesdays 4:00-5:00 pm starting September 13th and ends October 18th

Pricing: 6 prepaid classes for $150 ($25 per class) $30 drop in class

Please vist www.bamboomovesenglewood.com to register for this special program.

Registration closes September 1st

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Making Mudras: Abhaya Mudra

Multi colored tasle necklace with bell from www.marialuisaboutique.com Global/Locally made fair trade boutique

Abhaya mudra variation. This hand gesture is said to promote feelings of peace, protection and no fear when held for some time in meditative stillness. No fear is exactly what we need during this summer's season of wild growth. Access your calm and courageous side by sitting still with this hand gesture for a minute or two and notice what you feel when you're done.

This coming September Friday the 16th, I will be leading a special Mudras class at Birchwood Center's Yoga Study Circle from 7-8:30pm. In this yoga philosophy class we will make mudras as I share all the rich and wordy detail I rarely get enough time to express in an everyday class. This is an interactive class, so get your questions ready. :)

Please visit www.birchwoodcenter.com to learn more about this beautiful riverside yoga school in the artistic and scenic Nyack, New York.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Benefits of Bare Footing in Nature

There's a New Age term for bare footing in nature and it's called earthing. Earthing means walking barefoot on any natural non concrete surface such as soil, grass or sand. I believe what keeps most of us from earthing outdoors is the fear of stepping on something sharp and cutting ourselves. Therefore I suggest finding a patch of grass or a dirt path that you feel is glass free where you can put your fears to rest as you kick off your shoes and feel the earth underneath you.

Early scientific studies are showing that something as simple as going barefoot and walking on grass, soil and sand allows electrons from the earth's natural charge to flow freely through our bodies, equalizing our electromagnetic field and other electrical charges in the body. The positive testimonials regarding earthing's health benefits are intriguing. People claim various advantages from earthing such as sleep improvement, a reduction in pain, jet lag, stress and inflammation, which is the cause of most chronic illnesses today in addition to improved immunity, decreases in unwanted symptoms of pre menstrual syndrome, menopause and more. Try earthing for yourself and after a month or so of regular bare footing in nature notice what you feel.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Illumination Moon: Spending time with Dada JP Vaswani

This past moon cycle to say the least was super illuminating. When I met my husband 8 years ago I had the pleasure of being introduced to his Father's Guru, the Rev. Dada JP Vaswani. He is a beloved spiritual leader who has founded the Sadhu Vaswani Mission in Pune, India. The work the mission does is aligned with love and service to uplift all including our animal friends with encouraging animal rights. Health care, welfare and beyond both in the East and West has benefited and continues to from the mission's devotees passion to help others.

Gratefully Dada Vaswani at the age of 97 and soon to be 98 years of age this coming August 2nd has come to the United States this past May to share his knowledge. In this post I'm sharing my pictures and bits of Dada's inspirational words mixed with my insights from both my Newark, New Jersey Integral Yoga weekend with Dada and the annual Dada Vaswani and Krishna Das wisdom and Kirtan special event called "Empower Yourself" at The Town Hall in New York City.

The Rev. Dada JP Vaswani arriving for Friday night's satsang at The Double Tree Hilton Hotel banquet hall in Newark, New Jersey with Integral Yoga students and teachers from New York City and Yogaville, Virginia.

"The literal meaning of yoga is union. The joining of us to God. Somehow we get separated from God. Yoga is the science  that teaches us to be reunited with God." - Dada Vaswani

Saturday morning satsang. Here we received valuable insight from both Satiesh Daryanani and Dada Vaswani in making meditation a noun. Our natural state.

Here Dada spoke on world peace. He said "If you want peace in the world, all killing should be stopped. If you kill animals what will stop you from killing an enemy? It is time to charter human's rights to animals." Veena Daryanani is pictured here with Dada.

Kirtan, call and response chanting accompanied with tablas and more rocked the house into bliss.

After the Newark event I took this picture while on a very long line of grateful people awaiting our individual goodbyes to Dada. He embodies magnificent smiling stamina.

My husband Amit Egan Datwani and I in Bryant Park pre The Town Hall event on West 43rd St. in NYC with Dada Vaswani and Krishna Das.

With my friend Dawn Ifill pre event at Bryant Park.

A full house at The Town Hall.
I'm so impressed by how before Dada speaks to an audience he sits before his teacher's picture to receive a blessing.

Dada in a deep meditation during Krishna Das' performance.
A post event moment with Krishna Das receiving his Guru's blessing.

David Nichtern who is Krishna Das' guitarist is shown here with Dada Vaswani. David is also my first formal meditation teacher who I met nearly 15 years ago.

The lovely Nina Rao from Nina Rao Chant and Krishna Das' band awaiting Dada's blessing. Notice the painting of Dada's Guru.

I love this picture for so many reasons. My son Krishna is having a conversation with Krishna Das, my friend Dawn is with us as well as my teacher David Nichtern is standing in the background wearing the blue coat.

Finally here's my son Krishna receiving a blessing from Dada with my husband Amit and the forever glowing Krishna Kumari, Dada's assistant.