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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fiery Arrow, Recognizing Brighid

It has been so cold where I live. An average of 10-15 degrees has been the norm. I'm used to cold and snowy winters but I can't remember what it was like to have days in a row of extremely low temperatures. Experiencing it now, I can sure tell you it draws you deeper into yourself as distractions of going out to do this and that are not available, let alone appealing.

After last week's heavy snowfall it was too cold to walk outside and enjoy it so I spent a lot of time looking out my windows to admire the fresh new blanket of snow that covered everything. It was so peaceful and became even better when I spotted life, a red cardinal. My red bird sighting inspired these pictures plus gave me hope that something is coming.

The geese along the riverbanks who cry like babies and the ducks who patiently walk on ice know that something is coming. A stronger sun, a vibrant maiden... the Goddess Brighid, who came way before the groundhog is coming. Her energy is so strong and loved that the Catholic church named her a Saint. Her energy of bringing a stronger dose of light into the world is celebrated by Catholics on Feb. 2, Candlemas. While the ancients honor her on Feb. 1st during a sabbath called Imbolc.

Brighid is a triple fire Goddess. She reigns over healing, fertility, smith craft and poetry. You can't miss her fiery arrow. It is taking aim and going exactly where she needs to go. Until she arrives in February we will sit, rest and let die what needs to go. The Goddess holding the 3 flamed candle will restore the greening of the earth.

A variation of peaceful warrior. Sweaters, leggings and gloves  www.zara.com  hat www.forever21.com winter boots, gifted www.sorel.com

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Luxe and Light Layer

Winter styling is all about combining the right layers together so you feel warm and look great while not feeling weighed down. Fortunately I'm wearing Carmen Anderson NY's luxuriously soft and light weight keyhole neck tunic top. It has extra long sleeves with a fingerless glove feature. I love this detail as it accents your hands like retro glam long gloves while it allows you to do everything like texting to keep warmth in without the added bulk.

It was very cold outside when these pictures were taken yet for the 15 minutes it took, I put my parka aside and felt just fine wearing my yoga tank and  www.carmenandersonNY.etsy.com leggings and tunic top that falls perfectly over your tail. I topped my look off with a chunky cardigan, snow leopard head wrap, pashmina scarf, boots and a chunky crystal cocktail ring.

Each morning as I dress, I strive for a look that can last all day long. The result of this combination of layers brought me to the yoga studio where I taught a class in the morning, went to the market and eventually out to dinner with my family.

Anjaneyasana, low lunge/twist lizard pose variation. A wonderful hip and waist opening prep for deep back bends.
Ameythest/agate cocktail ring, museum store www.amnh.org, pebble nail polish www.mineralfusion.com
 www.carmenandersonny.etsy.com clothes are made of sustainable modal super soft on your skin with just the right amount of cling fabric. Made 100% in New York City.

Scarf, gifted, boots www.ninewest.com underneath tank, sweater and head wrap www.forever21.com makeup, a combination of www.onehundredpercentpure.com and www.mineralfusion.com

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Being Open to 2014

I'm so happy with how my "Fire in the Belly, Ignite Your New Year's Dreams Workshop" went this past weekend. Mostly because the exercise of stopping midway through the physical yoga flow and privately writing down our New Year's dreams revealed to me what I wholeheartedly wish to attract.

A few weeks before the workshop I wrote down what I want to draw in for 2014 yet in this special class/ritual like space I was shocked how much deeper I went. Last Saturday my practical mind cringed at what I wrote down while my heart continues to soar with delight. Like last year my dream filled index card is taped to the inside of my medicine cabinet so each time I brush my teeth and put on my eye cream I can read over my wishes and notice if any of their seedlings are starting to sprout.

One of my surprise to me intentions is to work with a yoga/lounge wear clothing line that is in alignment with my views of the new age of fashion. Like magic, this past Monday I met with www.carmenandersonNY.etsy.com where she and I have agreed to team up for 2014 to share her ultra sleek and chic, sustainable fabric plus made locally in New York City designs.

I'm consciously working on being open to the many adventures ahead. Practicing deep back bending poses like wheel and variations shown here is exercising my ability to allow what comes in with less armor on and come give it to me energy.

Wheel pose/urvdha danurasana. Skirt vintage Peruna from Marks and Spencer, London. Black leather jacket bought off the street about a decade ago in New York City. Scratches and all it is getting better with age. Black tank www.zara.com, biker tall boots www.ninewest.com

Urvdha Hastasana, hands over head. Hat and faux fur scarf www.zara.com, makeup www.onehundredpercentpure.com

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Keeping Your Resolutions Coming Towards You

This is the first full week of the New Year and about this time your New Year's wishes maybe taking a toll on you. Your body may not be responding with bountiful energy at 4 pm after your 6 am workout. You may have forgotten your water bottle twice already as you walked out your front door and into your day. You could be hearing those same old negative thoughts and chatting them up with that same crowd of people who love seeing the world from that same old perspective.

To attract exactly what is yours with no doubt takes practice. I like to call what most call discipline, as daily rituals to keep your vibration high enough to magnetize what you really want in your direction.

Here are 7 rituals from a list of many that personally help me to straighten up, keep it light and open to attract exactly what I'm looking for.

1. Eat clean whole foods. Get a cutting board and a good knife and chop away. If you're not cutting, slicing and dicing fresh fruits and vegetables daily then chances are your diet needs a tune up to be on the fresher side.

2. Drink water often. If you need to change it up, squeeze a lemon or lime into it. Try sparkling water that has no added sodium and drink herbals teas. Say goodbye to sodas, lattes and juice unless it is fresh pressed. Also a cup of coffee once a day is OK but green tea which also has caffeine is a good alternative.

3. Slow down. You know the famous saying "Rome wasn't built in a day." Remind yourself of this fact often and make time to exercise, meet friends every once in a while and spend regular quality time with your family and pets. This will calm your nerves and make your life more joyful.

4. Recognize others. So often we get caught up in our own thing. When you slow down to read a friend's Facebook post, blog or email blast you not only learn about someone and see from another perspective but you can also become inspired. When you read another's words without reaching out, comment or like from an authentic space you open up the portal of more recognition towards yourself in the future. The word authentic is key here.

5. Read. Browse through websites, pin on pinterest, instagram visual inspiration and most importantly read books. Even if you only get to read one page a day, it does your brain and overall vibration good to digest new words and images.

6. Beautify your space. Keep it clean and organized and you will move around in your office and home more efficiently. I like to add fresh cut or dried seasonal flowers to the spaces I spend the most amount of time in like my desktop, kitchen counter and bedside. Admiring them often is like taking a vitamin for me plus the shopping and creating aspect of the arrangement gets my creative juices flowing.

7. Finally drop the questionable words "How?" and "When?" from your vocabulary. Using them suggests doubt plus puts a time limit on your wish. You may want something right now but it may not be the right time to have all that comes with it. Keep believing and know that it is on the way.

Happy New Year! Stay true, strong and mindful. If you're looking for more keeping your resolutions coming towards you tips that will keep your vibe high to attract exactly what you want please join me at my upcoming workshop "Fire in the Belly, Ignite Your New Year's Dreams" Saturday Jan. 11th at 3:30 pm for 2 hours.

Read more and register @ www.bamboomovesyoga.com in Englewood, NJ

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fill Yourself Up with Goodness and There Will Be No Room for the Bad Stuff

The holidays are over and our schedules begin again. So does our habits, the good ones, the bad and the neutral. As I was driving my teenage son to school this morning, first day back since his winter break, I was thinking about what could be the best New Year's health and wellness advice I can offer to myself and others. I have a memory of hearing a great tip, I can't remember from where yet it occasionally repeats through my consciousness as a sweet mantra. It is, fill yourself up with goodness and there will be no room for the bad stuff. Apply this tip as you like to your diet, friends, work, etc. Surround yourself, inhale and eat good for you food, words and thoughts and eventually your actions will be your best new habits.

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

My weekly yoga classes are a strong yet slow flow. Designed for the novice and for the Intermediate and Advanced student who wants to ground a little more, refine your posture's alignment as you hold the poses a little longer and get stronger.

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Saturday   January 11th   @ 3:30 pm  for 2 hours  I will be leading a great workshop to tone your core body, yoga style with no gym like crunches. Here we will also create a personal ritual space to solidify your New Year's dreams.

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