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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What's in the Air for 2015?

What do I want? What do I need? Where am I going in 2015? Is my inner dialogue. Refining my direction by the way of feeling it in my gut and bringing my New Year's Dreams into my heart center by back bending is my approach to having a truthful New Year's resolution.

Here's a picture of my yoga practice as of late where I'm bringing the fire in my belly, my intention, right up into my heart center for some air. The 3rd energy center found within our mid body is called manipura chakra. It is associated with the fire element. Manipura chakra is where our deepest knowing of the self is formed. Our heart's energetic center found within the center of our chest and shoulder blades is called anahata chakra. It is associated with the air element. Anahata chakra is where we balance loving ourself and others. We all know the moment you cover a flame's air source it goes out. So my feeling is to keep on connecting to what my gut has to say about my direction and consistently work towards bringing it up into my heart's center to breathe in and out so it can last.

I wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mid-Holiday Silence Exercise

During the Holidays we are most often found indoors escaping the cold and darkest days of the year. Holiday decorations, Christmas music, invitations to go here and there plus a list of things to do can unbalance us and make us jittery. My suggestion is to ground and center yourself by going outside no matter what the weather is and sit still. Notice and maybe even journal what you see, hear, smell and feel. When you're done take 3 deep breaths and go on with your day.

Before you go to bed at night be sure to revisit where your mind was during your outdoor meditation by sitting in silence for a few moments and/or read what you wrote in your journal. See if any of the qualities you noticed of the coming winter stayed with you as you moved through your day.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Winter's Water Element: Veers us towards the Birth of Light

Last week I completed my last workshop of the year as well as enjoyed my oldest son, Ryan play his final state playoff football game for 2014. Now that I'm settling into my weekly teaching and Mommy schedule plus experiencing the sudden loss of my husband's grandmother this past weekend, I'm having a little more space in my consciousness to fully acknowledge the emotions that come with the cold and darkest days of the year. All kinds of feelings are showing up for me and they are deep.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicinewater is the predominant element associated with winter. During winter the earth falls asleep. The cold and early sunsets draws us indoors earlier to become still like Mother Earth and look into our depths. While nature appears to be frozen and dead, it is not. Rain and snow frequently comes through to further encourage what fall's winds accomplished in shedding what needed to go. Rain and snow's purifying quality also dampens the earth and us so that the fire element, the sun, our yang masculine go get them energy can rest and replenish itself for the next spin of the year's wheel.

We can avoid the shadow season by overbooking our holiday calender with parties that celebrate the upcoming birth of light. However, making ourselves extremely busy will throw our well needed winter rest out of balance. This winter I'm planning on not avoiding the alone time this season calls for by carving out the time in my schedule for my mindfulness walks, yoga practice and extra sleep. It takes discipline to wake up super early in the cold and dark to practice as well as shut off the lights earlier to sleep at night. As for the walks, bundling up and moving in the cold takes plenty of inner motivation. What has been encouraging my walks is making photo art with my Iphone. Lately I'm noticing my nature walk pics are filled with the water element in it's many forms. I'm observing that winter's water reflects, cleanses and freezes into stillness from time to time as well as flows on other days into what's next with grace and trust in what's to come. I'm hoping this awareness of winter's water qualities will rub off on me and guide me into feeling light and well.

Here are some recent winter water snapshots: