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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fire in the Belly workshop, Igniting Your New Year's Dreams

As we wind down from Christmas celebrations and wait for the clock to strike 12 on New Year's Eve, whispers of New Year's dreams run through our consciousness. This time last year I asked myself "Is what I wish for really what I want to attract?" As a result of listening, being truthful with myself and giving up a few things to do the work to attract what I love during 2012, my wishes slowly came through. Surprisingly they showed up with different characters and story lines than I imagined. The saying "Be careful what you wish for" sure has meaning for me as I reflect on the past year and sit in a new reality.

With the holiday's upbeat pace sometimes finding the quiet time to reflect on the past year and attract newness that's to your liking for the new year gets lost. Therefore after the bubbly is done clouding up your consciousness and the holiday fuss is over, during the second Saturday of the New Year, January 12th at 3:30 pm for 2 hours, I will be leading a workshop that's perfect for getting clear on what you wish to attract in 2013 called Fire in Your Belly, Igniting Your New Year's Dreams at www.bamboomovesenglewood.com

In this workshop I will guide you to:

Physically strengthen the 3rd chakra, the belly and lower back by way of practicing yoga postures. Manipura chakra, the 3rd chakra is the energy center from which yogis, shamans and reiki masters suggest your knowing of yourself, your gut instincts and personal power is born.

We will uncover whether your desires come from your own truth or the voices of others in your head.

Discuss how a clear mind can nourish and maintain a healthy body.

Learn 5 techniques you can practice today to keep your dreams coming towards you while still living in the moment.

Click into workshops at www.bamboomovesenglewood.com to register

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Bringing the Outside In

A flowering Zygo Christmas cactus and Buddha sitting on my kitchen window sill. See the orbs of light.

I've always been a fan of bringing nature indoors. However lately I've been doing so more than usual as I feel the meditation that comes with creating sacred spaces with natural elements in my home is healing my saddened heart and swirling mind from the destruction of hurricane Sandy, last Friday's horrific school shooting in Connecticut and also a myriad of personal events I've recently been moving through.

As we sit in the darkest days of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and await the sun's rebirth on Friday December 21st, the Winter Solstice, we can receive a ray of hope if we choose as it is the highly prophesied end to the Mayan calender. The legend suggests a New Earth that will be rich in truth and boundless compassion will emerge. It is hard to believe these days if you watch the news, read the paper or check your friend's status on Face book. Therefore I've been finding it helpful to do as our spiritual ancestors did days before the Winter Solstice. Like them I've been meditating on the shadows of my psyche and working towards dispelling what's dark from my consciousness by taking plenty of deep breaths, candlelight gazing, going on long silent walks and ahhh yes, making sacred spaces with a variety of natural influences.

Ancient Europeans started the tradition of bringing evergreens into the home days before December 21st, winter's advent. They did so because evergreens remain green all year round and are regarded as symbols of immortality, rebirth and resurrection set against a barren winter. Here are a few ways other than the standard Christmas tree and wreath on how I brought the outdoors in since Thanksgiving. I didn't limit myself to only using evergreens as I find the silhouette of barren branches, the color of Christmas flowering and the drape of red & green ribbons are just as mesmerizing as they equally stir the energy of new things to come.

My husband Amit's Aries Ram head, gifted ? and dressed for the holidays.

Baby boy blue rustic toddler chair www.saffrontradingcompany.com with store bought white painted branches, vintage vase and ornanment

A hallway bench www.saffrontradingcompany.com with a gifted elfin Santa

A Buddha like wooden owl www.potterybarn.com leftover Thanksgiving dried flowers in a heavyweight vase www.ikea.com and a bouquet of greens turned upside down

More white painted branches in a gifted cobalt vase www.tiffany.com gives an icy & wintry look

After hurricane Sandy I found this perfect piece of driftwood along a riverside path. It perfectly rests along a lonely corner in my home. I adorned it with ceramic bells that I cut off from a very tangled bell chime I had hiding in a closet. Also tons of marsh stalks were destroyed from Sandy's blow. I took two that were salvageable and put them in a tall and weighted vase alongside my new found wooden addition.

Cinnamon scented pine cones in a vintage platter resting on the floor. It is the first thing you smell as you open the front door.

Happy Winter Solstice & Peace on Earth!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Breaking Holiday Expectations

Red berry wreath and blue paint. A cheerful color combination.

During the holiday season it is easy for many people to feel disappointed and let down rather than peaceful and joyous. I guess it is because most of us have such high expectations of how we would like people to act and things to go. Memories of past pleasant holiday experiences or festive holiday images that we've seen in movies and forget are fictitious dance in our head when holiday lights are strung and parties begin.

This past weekend I was geared up to teach and spend some alone time with my husband. Unfortunately he had to leave town and one of my classes never happened. With some unexpected free time on my hands while I was mentally and emotionally wired for the opposite, certainly had me feel out of sorts. After taking a few deep breaths and pressing my two feet deep into the ground, I knew I wanted to feel whole and not attached to the way my time was supposed to flow. Therefore I turned this scenario around into having an unexpected and well needed date with myself. First I opted to do what always seems to unite and ground my fragmented self other than practicing yoga postures, I went for a long walk.

With my phone silenced, my voice quiet and my camera around my neck here are a few images of what I saw and did.

I noticed that although winter begins in about one week there are leafless branches with tight buds on some trees that are waiting to bloom by next spring.

Drops of water that look like crystal balls with what looks like alternate realities within.

A berry realm

Enjoyed a manicure with www.karmaorganicspa.com Christmas morning polish with gold glitter on my ring finger. I also went thrift shopping and bought a rustic blue vintage chair for my toddler. The red berry wreath and blue house I saw earlier in the day sure made an impression with my color choices.

I picked up 3 glass bottles for $1.75 while thrift shopping. They are perfect to display my berry branches.

If you find any one of your great expectations falling apart this holiday season, you may just want to practice being quiet and allowing your senses to wrap around inspiration rather than attachment to what could have been. I've noticed by practicing, there's a world beyond the world I think I live in. Allow it to reveal itself to you and experience the magical holiday season.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2 Fun & New Combinations

A couple of weeks ago I was in San Francisco where I took a variety of yoga classes. There was a combination of two postures that two different teachers offered that I would never have thought of linking together simply because of their difficulty in completely opposite parts of the body. Bakasana, crow pose followed by ardha chandrasana, 1/2 moon pose. However after experiencing these postures linked together I can say I felt lighter afterwards. This was a well needed feeling after experiencing the heaviness in New York City and New Jersey as a result of the devastation from hurricane Sandy only a week and a half before my trip out west.

Scarf & top www.zara.com

When I returned back home and made it to a yoga class from a teacher I never studied with before I was stunned to once again experience the crow to 1/2 moon combo. I guess this isn't just a west coast combo. In addition to my fascination with movement and how it makes me feel, I believe what you wear and how you put it together is just as interesting.

When I had these pictures taken I had just finished teaching class and it was very cold outside. I had a black parka on top however I took it off to show you before my wardrobe gets all festive with my Christmas reds and greens, how I combined two opposites, stripes and animal print. We all have these prints in one form or another in our closet. When combined together, I love the way these two opposites have a way of creating a fun and carefree look as well as dress up the same old, same old black tights. Well, these tights are a little different because they have a mini skirt attached.

Bakasana, crow pose, tights www.forever21.com

These darkest day's of the year that lead up to the sun's birthday, the Winter Solstice on December 21st are jam packed with holiday prep and waves of stress. Therefore finding the grace in small things like combining two very different yoga postures and patterns like stripes and cheetah have a power to them that can charge you up in just the right way if you're open to it. This holiday season I'm going to try to remember the concept of seeing the grace of small things. I want to end this historic Mayan era of 2012 right by combating the stress I feel that has accumulated deep within me from last month's hurricane and the personal events that came with the two eclipses that sandwiched a short rest during Thanksgiving Day.

My antidote in reducing the waves of anxiety that show up is sitting stilltaking deep breaths and feeling what comes up. Overall I'm going to practice slowing down, shopping less, restoring what I have such as going to the tailor and altering a few outfits to take on a second life in addition to opening up a bucket of paint and adding some new color into my life. Most importantly I'm going to work like an archer on an open field, who can smell the scent of pine riding on the wind and hear the crackle of a dead leaf as it is stepped on. I'm going to practice watching and notice the many small gifts that come my way and inspire like finding the match to a single sock or the passerby who gives a knowing glance to my inner light and holds the door open a little longer as I push my stroller and baby Krishna through. You never know when grace will come!

Happy Holy Days!

Vintage bag

Booties www.ninewest.com, bangle www.forever21.com, gloves www.lailarowe.com

Ardha chandrasana, 1/2 moon pose