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Bandhas, Yoga's Inner Locks- Ramapo College's Workshop Notes

Last Friday night I led an Online Bandhas Workshop with Ramapo College of New Jersey. We had a fabulous turnout with plenty of students who were ready to dive deep into yoga philosophy and practice. Here are a few online notes to inspire your yoga practice.  Bandhas is a Sanskrit word which means your inner energetic locks. The bandhas can be found within the body by controlling your breath. When you practice yoga, breath work, and meditation for a while you start to get a better understanding of the inner energetic locks by way of feeling them. A sign of feeling them maybe you feel lighter and more graceful when you transition from one pose to another such as jumping to the top of your mat from downward facing dog or you can hold your poses longer with ease of breath. You might also notice your hands and wrists no longer feel like they are taking all of your weight when you practice crow pose and other arm balances.    When we speak of the bandhas its not something you can grab …

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