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Surrender + Breath Work

Hey there! Just wanted to drop you a quick post about the special edition SURRENDER + BREATH Work online classes I’m offering this spring. These classes are a blend of Gentle, long hold stretch Yin, & Restorative Yoga, plus a 5-7 minute breath work exercise. They're designed to help you release tension, increase mobility, and cultivate mindfulness. Class Format - These classes are slow paced and focused on stretching and deep relaxation. We'll start with a gentle warm-up, move into a series of yin poses (which we'll hold for longer periods), and then wind down with a restorative sequence. Each class has a 5-7 minute calming  breath work exercise. Benefits - Physically, these classes will help release tension, increase mobility, and relieve pain from overused muscle groups in your hips, legs, back, arms, neck, and shoulders. Mentally, you’ll get a break from hyping yourself up for the athletic intensity of physically challenging workouts and daily stress. This will help

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