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Bandhas/Inner Energetic Locks Yoga Inspiration from Ramapo College of New Jersey's 200hr Online Yoga Teacher Training

Maha Bandha/The Great Lock  manifests when all 3 Bandhas activate      I once read a Top 10 list of what yoga teachers need to stop telling their students. On that list was stop cueing "Use your Bandhas!" I'm not here to shame anyone because I just love people who have the enthusiasm to share and practice yoga. I do however understand why the bandha cue made the do not list because it's a deep teaching that doesn't communicate clearly to everyone with a quick shout out like "Engage your Bandhas!" My feeling is using Sanskrit terminology like saying "Turn on your Bandhas!" can be replaced with strategically cueing your students to engage their pelvic floor, abdominal, plus neck and shoulder muscles when the Bandhas, our inner energetic locks are needed to go deeper into a pose.       This weekend I'm leading an in depth online teaching about the  Bandhas  at  Ramapo College's 200hr Yoga Teacher Training . This post is a quick mini overvi

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