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NEW Yoga Flows & Earth Day w/Hyde Organic Yoga Apparel

wearing Hyde Yoga  click on -  Hyde Organic Yoga Apparel  & use my promo code  allison10  to receive 10% off full priced items It's a new moon, so I've created new yoga flows both in  level 1 & level 2  variations to livestream and to store in my on demand replays library of classes. Days lengthening in sunlight have inspired my yoga flows to  let the sunshine in  with a creative and feel good take on sun salutations followed by a full body yoga flow. This sequencing will  quiet your mind  and  get you into your body  with repetitive movements and familiar shapes to help you stop thinking about what you need to do next. Instead, you will use your breath to connect to your body and how it's moving on your mat. The  benefits  of this practice are a  stronger, more flexible, and grounded body and mind.  To practice with me please click on  Allison's Livestream Class Schedule + On Demand Replays Library Also, Thursday April 22nd is  Earth Day . Earth Day is importan

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