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NEW Moon, NEW Flow

Happy July! Over the holiday weekend, we had a new moon, which inspired me to create a new yoga flow at my online studio called  Hippy Heart Opening Flow. If you’re not familiar with my teaching style, I create a new yoga flow every time there’s a new moon. I lead this flow for 4 weeks until the new moon cycle begins again. Each class is a bit different as I add or remove elements to keep things fresh, but the core sequence remains the same to help you become familiar with the postures. Benefits of Repetition As the 4 weeks pass, the repetition of sequences helps students embody the flow, producing a deep meditative state and enhancing muscle memory. This improves one’s strength, balance, and coordination. This method of repetition comes from my dance student days, where we would learn a routine for a show in sections, practicing until the dance was embodied and ready to perform. Popular yoga styles like Ashtanga and Bikram also use repetition. My Personal Experience Teaching and pract

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