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Fall’s Winds of Change-SURRENDER Class, Ramapo College of NJ's Yoga Training, & YogaSix West Boca

  "When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, others build windmills."- Chinese Proverb Raising a 10 year old plus being a teacher makes every Fall season a time to reset my schedule to suit my son's drop off, pick up from school, and sports needs. I need to clear time to prep teachings, lead special events, trainings, weekly classes, and workshops. Fortunately technology being so advanced like the platform where My Online Studio is hosted, has allowed me to not drop teaching classes I love when they no longer meet my scheduling needs. Instead, I can livestream classes at a time that suits my new schedule and immediately store my classes onto my ON DEMAND class Replays Library. This way I can continue sharing what I love and you can continue practicing with me at anytime to suit your evolving scheduling needs.  This Fall I let go of live-streaming Friday evening's SURRENDER class at BambooMoves. Now I'm  live-streaming the SURRENDER cl

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