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New Moon, New Month, New Content Livestream Yoga Schedule

When there's a New Moon like there was last Friday, I offer my classes new content. Content that consists of yoga postures, exercises, and mindfulness based philosophy that blend well together. Over the course of a 4-week lunar cycle, I add to or take away from the teachings, so that each class is not exactly like the class before it. I tell students there's no need to wait for the next New Moon to join us because each class I lead is taught in a way which allows you to jump right in and enjoy the next class that builds from the previous class. I teach this way, so students feel like they are part of a 4week mini series. I've noticed this style of teaching creates interest, strength, flexibility, and wisdom because we practiced and experimented with a curated group physical and philosophical teachings for about a month.

     With June being around the corner, last week's New Moon and the new month almost synched up. Since I teach a variety of yoga class styles fr…

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