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Happy Hamstrings Flow + Music

When I meet people outside of the yoga studio and they find out I’m a yoga teacher, occasionally a person will show me how they can or can’t touch their toes. It makes me smile and has made me realize having tight hamstrings (back thigh muscles) can be one of the most frustrating obstacles to overcome in beginning & sticking with your yoga journey.  If you were born with long and loose hamstrings this can also be an obstacle because without proper training overstretching can eventually cause tears at the hamstring tendons at the inner knee or at the sitting bones, resulting in mild or sometimes more severe injury.  To develop balanced and healthy hamstrings, I created Happy Hamstrings Flow which will help you focus on a few simple techniques that can really help you find greater length in your tight legs plus strengthen your hamstrings & the muscles which support them. The result is more freedom in your body as you flow both on and off the mat! For this practice you will need 2

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