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Spring Balance FLOW - revitalize your energy

Spring is officially here, and with it, the itch to take off and enjoy the sun's warmth. Invitations to various events are adding up, and sometimes, with all that extra playtime, you might find yourself feeling tired. But worry not, it's time to find your spring balance! This is where the "Spring Balance Flow" comes into play. This practice invites you to notice how you feel when you come to your yoga mat, both physically and mentally. Here you will set an intention to create space where you need it, while also cultivating strength to balance your energy. This flow is abundant in balancing postures, which immediately quiets your mind, coupled with grounding postures to let you feel the steadiness of the ground as you move through the practice. It's a blend designed to help you regain your equilibrium during this beautiful season. The best part? You can access this practice anytime, anywhere. If you're up for a live session, join me on Mondays at 9am EST . Othe

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