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November- Stillness is Where the Power is- Online Yoga, BodySculpting, & Thanksgiving Day Yoga

   This November sure is one to remember. The noise of the world is running strong right now and it's so easy to get pulled into people's energy as opinions are shared. You may find you are losing yourself from time to time and want to come back to your center. To find stillness doesn't necessarily mean to not move and be completely silent. You can be in a noisy and chaotic space where you close your eyes and experience yourself for a moment exactly how you are. As you draw your focus deeper in, you can say to yourself "I am peace." or "I am present." Finding stillness is where your power is. It's like pressing your personal reset button. Stillness can also be going for a walk, watering your plants, listening to music, practicing yoga, exercising, or any activity you do that brings you back to yourself. Stillness is anything that focuses your energy in the moment and is not just your reaction to the outside world.     If you need some help finding yo

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