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Revisit Your New Year’s Goals

We’re  moving into the 4th week of 2023! How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Having a career in yoga & fitness has me every January love being a part of people’s health & wellness resolutions. Both online & in studio classes are full of regular participants, post holiday “I’m going to get back to the mat” students, & brand NEW beginners. Everyone has individual & unique reasons to commit to their practice yet, I find the common thread is to make it a habit to practice regularly. I tend to stay away from the word resolution because it’s a little strict by definition. I’ve noticed it makes people feel like they lost if they slip off schedule one day. Instead, what I suggest is to create incremental goals that take you through the year. Have a vision of what you wish to accomplish by March. Make time for it by scheduling it into your calendar. If your goal is to make your wellness regimen a habit then schedule practicing yoga 2xs a week. Practice on the same day

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