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HUG the Midline FLOW

I’m excited to introduce a NEW yoga flow called  HUG the Midline FLOW . You may have heard the phrase “hug the midline” in classes. This term refers to engaging your core muscles to enhance your practice. Let's delve into its meaning and benefits. Understanding "Hug the Midline " In yoga, "hugging" means lightly squeezing or firming up muscles. To “hug the midline” involves engaging your core by pulling in or drawing muscles towards the body's center. The midline is the central line of your body, referred to in yoga philosophy as the sushumna nadi, a channel for pranic energy and the location of the seven chakras. Importance of the Midline The midline is crucial in yoga as it supports postures by using core energy rather than outer muscles. Visualize it as a thread running from the crown of your head, through your torso, to your tailbone, and down to the floor. About HUG the Midline FLOW This full-body flow uses yoga blocks, your mat, and your focus to deepe

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