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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring's Choreography Notes

I don't write my yoga class choreography down, rather I visualize my class plan during quiet moments and feel it out on the mat while I practice alone. However recently what I've noticed now that my life has become more digital, is the pictures I take and later reflect on, act like notes as they greatly inspire my expression of practicing and teaching yoga.

Here are a few images that caught my attention on last weekend's walk through Central Park with my little son, Krishna. An angel, a flag blowing in the wind and crocuses, spring's first flower in full bloom. The pictures below each image are the yoga shapes that are inspired by my recent photos. These days I'm spending a little more time in these yoga postures and pondering them on my mat as I get my choreography sorted out through my consciousness for my upcoming April workshops.

The words that come to mind to describe these picture images and yoga shapes are extreme arm extension, light and airy while being rooted in the lower body and emerging from the earth.
All of which is perfect for spring's theme of breaking out of the confines of winter's egg and spreading our wings out to feel spring's warmth.

Extreme arm extension with warrior 2 arms. Sweater & under sweater, end of season sale www.zara.com Scarf, gifted from India

Light and airy on top and rooted at the base of the body with a standing back bend. Sweater & scarf, end of season sale www.zara.com

Emerging from the darkness of the underworld like a flower and the Grecian Goddess Pershepone while in a lizard pose variation. Sweater, end of season sale www.zara.com Boots www.ninewest.com scarf, gifted from India, leggings www.lailarowe.com gloves, Century 21

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Feeling Spring within w/Bird Poses & Balances

Pigeon pose

As birdsong becomes more melodic and Spring is officially here according to the calendar's date, the poses that are musing me most are bird poses and balancing postures. These postures evoke the element of air within us, making us shake a bit, feel a little burn and experience a challenge as we find our balance. The effect is strengthening both in body and mental focus as well as feeling a sense of flight. Getting stronger, more focused and disciplined in addition to feeling lighter is perfect for Spring and moving forward with nature's flow.

The picture above is from two weekends ago when it was warm in the sun during the day. Notice my bare feet and how I'm anxiously awaiting Spring by wearing floral leggings with my black winter clothes. The pictures below are the result of me doing a little Spring cleaning in my last year's pictures file. This selection of 2012's bird and balancing postures are currently inspiring my practice and classes.

Eagle pose variation

Standing back bend

King dancer's pose

1/2 moon variation

Heron pose

Eagle pose

Crow pose in Florida

Forearm stand/peacock feather pose

One arm plank variation

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Training, Putting Feet on Your Dreams Workshop

Although there are days in March when it still feels like mid winter and I'm holding my jacket closed, on other days I'm soaking up the warmth of baby spring's sun. Spring officially starts on Wednesday March 20th. A season of finding balance, construction and growth. A time of the year that encourages us to spend more time outdoors and notice if the seeds we planted during New Year's have started to blossom like the trees.

This April I will be teaching a Spring Training workshop where we will put feet on our dreams and grow. I will be teaching it at two different Bamboomoves Yoga locations.

Saturday April    13th    3:30 pm    2 hours   in Englewood, NJ


Saturday April    20th    3:30 pm    2 hours   in Forest Hills, NY


Here we will focus on practicing standing and seated postures in innovative ways that I usually don't have time to address in everyday classes.

We will ground, strengthen and lengthen our feet, knees, legs and hips. The physical area from which our wishes become mobile. Our lower body, more specifically the base of our pelvis is known to yogis and healers as the root chakra, the energy center from which our emotions related to money, home and family reside. When you exercise your lower body and cultivate mindfulness, your wishes related to your survival needs will materialize with more ease.

We will learn how to determine if our dreams are not sprouting because we unconsciously create our own obstacles.

Learn how a clear mind encourages a healthy body.

Discuss 7 steps you can do today to keep your dreams coming towards you while feeling good and living in the moment.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Best Yogini Fashion Find to Welcome an Early Spring

Sweater www.zara.com tights www.lailarowe.com boots & shades www.forever21.com

Earrings with an Indian flair that flip from neon pink to yellow and scarf www.lailarowe.com

Being that it is light longer and every other few days is not bitter cold, my craving for wearing mostly black, grey and browns is fading. I've found during these last weeks of winter adding pastel colored nail polishes and scarves work well in lightening up my look and outlook however my latest fashion find, a boxy off white sweater tunic, I bought on sale at Zara's 2 weeks ago is giving me tons of wearing mileage in feeling springy and moving forward.

Being a tunic it covers my tail making it the perfect cover up to and from the yoga mat. It brings me to meetings, the market place and on the playground where I run after my energetic toddler. Being a chunky sweater it keeps me warm worn alone during a sunny lunchtime or it can be covered up with a lighter coat later in the day. Also it is a classic color, off white, which is perfect to take the place of my everyday blacks and grays. Since off white spiritually symbolizes purity and renewal like an egg it is the perfect color to wear this month as we welcome spring, the season of rebirth. Besides there's a history to this look as Irish Americans wear a sweater similar to this called an Aran sweater during and around March 17, St. Patty's Day to remember their original clan and welcome the greening of the earth.

Cuff www.forever21.com gloves, New York City street vendor

Presently you can find this sweater look on store racks, hopefully on sale and absolutely at a fashion forward thrift shop.

Fashion tip- Wear one size larger than you are.

Combine this sweater look with what I like to call the crayon colored bright leg trend and you will feel lighter.

Coat bought on sale @ www.zara.com, bag, gifted and vintage