Spring Training, Putting Feet on Your Dreams Workshop

Although there are days in March when it still feels like mid winter and I'm holding my jacket closed, on other days I'm soaking up the warmth of baby spring's sun. Spring officially starts on Wednesday March 20th. A season of finding balance, construction and growth. A time of the year that encourages us to spend more time outdoors and notice if the seeds we planted during New Year's have started to blossom like the trees.

This April I will be teaching a Spring Training workshop where we will put feet on our dreams and grow. I will be teaching it at two different Bamboomoves Yoga locations.

Saturday April    13th    3:30 pm    2 hours   in Englewood, NJ


Saturday April    20th    3:30 pm    2 hours   in Forest Hills, NY


Here we will focus on practicing standing and seated postures in innovative ways that I usually don't have time to address in everyday classes.

We will ground, strengthen and lengthen our feet, knees, legs and hips. The physical area from which our wishes become mobile. Our lower body, more specifically the base of our pelvis is known to yogis and healers as the root chakra, the energy center from which our emotions related to money, home and family reside. When you exercise your lower body and cultivate mindfulness, your wishes related to your survival needs will materialize with more ease.

We will learn how to determine if our dreams are not sprouting because we unconsciously create our own obstacles.

Learn how a clear mind encourages a healthy body.

Discuss 7 steps you can do today to keep your dreams coming towards you while feeling good and living in the moment.

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