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Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Magical Winter Get Away

Gratefully I've just returned from a magical journey closer to the sun with my husband. What a treat since it was a biting 11 degrees when we left New York City.

Miami's horizon

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My dry itchy cracked skin and stuffy sinuses were instantly cured once I experienced a few hours of tropical air. In the past I never took off in January yet doing so made me realize how perfect it is for you physically, mentally and emotionally as it is the time after the year's great darkness but also before the Northern Hemisphere's sun more obviously strengthens and we charge onward with the year.

The Delano Hotel pool

The Shelbourne Hotel

On this trip I sat more than usual. I contemplated alone and at other times with my honey. Together we had what I call "Dream Meetings." I felt illuminated as the warm sunlight embraced me.

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Shadows were acknowledged.

While lush foliage reminded me of letting go of darkness and the promise of new growth.

Nespresso iced mocha

As we sipped on designer coffee and did plenty of deep gazing... our dream eyes, our third eyes were spinning. Seeing exactly what we want to attract. The knowing in my belly makes it feel so real.

My love, my mirror, Amit

Sun totem, The Standard Hotel

Now that I've returned home, I'm holding onto the magic of my dream vision. Letting go of dream stealers and high vibe vampires. I'm sending compassionate exhales out and mixing with those that share their vision. Their version of their new world.

My current ritual is to light many candles in the evening, appreciate what is and make some more wishes.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Seeing the Other Side with a Headstand Practice

January being the month of starting over and keeping true to our New Year's resolutions, I can't think of a better pose to initiate seeing there's another way to approach life than going upside down in a head stand. When you do, you can see from a new perspective.

Forearm downward facing dog is excellent to breathe in to develop headstand strength & flexibility.

In the East they say that even the other side of something has another side. I guess the American way of expressing this is there's no black and white.

Crown of the head rests on the floor. Do not do this ladies if you are in the 1st 3 days of your menstrual cycle or pregnant. Please bypass a headstand practice if you feel tension around your eyes, sinuses, pain on the top of your head, have high blood pressure and/or have heart disease. Also if you recently had a surgery or dental work this pose wouldn't be a good pose to practice.

Like taking a snow globe and turning it upside down, the snow like our thoughts and attachments get to soften, undo and have the potential to renew while being upside down.

Press ribs and one thigh towards each other. No jumping on your head!

As I move into the arm and head balance my heart's beat and breath is finally louder than my mind.

Press ribs towards both thighs. If you feel balanced continue.

Feeling steady, my breath and heartbeat slow down. I see a dust ball float by, a scratch of red nail polish on the wall and the shape of the wall's floor molding. I realize that I'm not alone. I'm one beat from a much larger drum. I'm seeing from a new angle.

Find a dog tilt in the spine.

Once balanced grow long and squeeze your inner thighs towards each other.

The fall out out of sirsasana/headstand

Like placing the snow globe right side up and coming out of headstand and resting, I notice how my thoughts and beliefs slowly spiral down towards the earth.

Balasana/child's pose

I have the option to not let them land and tap into my new found perspective.

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I realize I need to turn myself upside down more often in order to see my path as phases. Points of time that need each other as I reshape and shift into something new.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Feelings After a Sun Chakra Workout

Parsva Trikonasana 

This past Saturday I led my "Fire in the Belly, Igniting Your New Year's Dreams" workshop. I'm so pleased with how it turned out. The only thing that threw me off was earlier in the day I started shivering, shaking and feeling light footed. All of these feelings eventually morphed into having a headache. I knew I wasn't sick nor even nervous about the workshop. I was simply feeling very excited and noticed how a tremendous amount of energy was running through me. This happens to me every once in a while before I lead a session like this. Therefore I knew the antidote was to go to Bamboomoves early, open my mat on the healing room's floor and ground by way of meditating in slow moving seated postures. I did so for about one hour and fortunately my headache lifted and I was ready to get started.

A Parsva Trikonasana/Twisted Triangle sequence

When I opened the door I delightfully saw faces from the past, present and never met before were making their way into the yoga school. During the workshop we did plenty of grounding twists, standing and seated twists, yoga style abdominal work such as boat pose and versions of it plus a good round of kaphalbhati breath work. Our 3rd chakra, the core body, the energetic center from which the sun enters us and ignites our connection to feeling our truth, power and dreams was set ablaze.

The teachings that came through surprised me a bit. I surely had a release and healing as I shared a little bit more about my bittersweet path of pain, joy and suffering than my covering up self would have ever wanted to. All I know was it felt great sharing truthful feelings. Going forward authentic communication in all my personal relationships and also during public engagements is the only way I want to go.

Being a student of many teachers and having been let down by a couple of them, I know it is nice to study with someone who doesn't put themselves on a pedestal with a glass wall between you and them. Rather to be a realistic guide who expresses that we're not alone on a stormy island feels easier to process. Personally I feel better about being the yoga teacher who suggests there is hope and a community out there for you to share with and receive from. This I feel makes it easier to wake up in the morning, hop in the boat again and start rowing over to the other side.

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Along with my sharing I included the 5 steps I've been practicing nearly devoutly for over the past 15 years to make this bumpy journey a little bit more dreamy along the way.

1.  Practice some form of exercise daily even if it is for only 20 minutes.

2.  Eat whole foods, preferably organic, that are closest to their natural state when prepared. No more processed food and medications! I realize you can't just throw out most prescribed medications but overtime by consistently exercising, meditating and eating healthy you just maybe be able to. Plus if you visit a qualified Holistic Doctor you will be surprised on how going the herb route can be the solution to slowly wean off your meds.

3.  Meditate daily for about 20 minutes. This can be going on a silent stroll, sitting in a chair or silently washing dishes by hand and noticing your breath.

4.  Visualize what you want as often as you can. Set no time limit for it to come to you and never ever doubt that it belongs to you.

5.  You must give up something you love doing. That may mean giving up making some money or doing a hobby to make the time to do all the steps above.

Doing these 5 steps doesn't happen over night. Notice how I said I've been practicing these steps nearly perfectly for over 15 years to make me clear enough to feel what I truly want, become the vibration to match what I want and attract like the ease of two magnets finding and kissing one another to have what's here with me now.

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Of course what we want changes like the seasons. Particularly once we step on desired touch stones. That is what the journey is all about, forward movement.

I do want to stress that these are just a few notes to the huge topic of manifesting your dreams. I hope to see you in the next workshop. I have a few fun ideas coming through.

Happy Dream Building!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Yoga's Gifts of Space & Connection

I hope your first week of the New Year has been a grand fresh start. For me having spent all my working years in the health and wellness game I can say this month is annually jammed packed with people coming into class and starting the New Year with their well being in mind. During the past few days I've been returning plenty of phone calls and answering emails from old friends who want to restart their yoga practice as well as speaking to first timers before class about what all the yoga fuss is about.

The question I've answered several times in the past week has been "What are the benefits of practicing yoga?" At first my answers were the basic response of you get to stretch, strengthen and pray all at the same time. After such an answer lost my interest, my answer has refined itself into something like this...

When you practice yoga consistently, overtime the simple act of noticing your breath releases that kink from your neck, chips away at sorrow from decades past, tones up what gravity pulls down and your thoughts become less easy to buy into. When you find that space in your body and mind you receive yoga's gift of being able to act from a very powerful place.

With practice you can take your connected state from the mat onto the streets and into your daily life. There's one catch... to make a change like this you need to show up.

A deep side bending sequence.

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