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Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Midsummer Sunset Ritual

Most of July in New York City has been extra steamy and hot keeping me out of the park during my free time and spending some time along the open and airy Hudson River. Here I've been gazing westward in the evening and bidding farewell to the sun as the shortening of days is now apparent.

We are halfway to fall and the fruits and vegetables of summer are abundant on the market's shelves however all the fruits of our labor remain to be seen. While a few seeds may have matured and are somewhat apparent to you now feelings of fear on some days may out weigh the belief you have on other wishes arrival. If you find yourself sitting in between hope and fear, know that you're not alone. It is harvest time in the Northern Hemisphere and whether you're a farmer or not, we all planted something this year making trust the common theme. Fortunately the harvest season lasts until late fall, so there's still time.

The ancients and I'm referring to Celtic times created a holiday which is celebrated on or around August 1st called Lughnasad, some call it Lammas. Then it was typical to observe the sun God, Lugh by watching the sunset in a ritual/party like style knowing that all is well, all is perfect and all will come. Not a bad mantra to repeat while you catch your next sunset.

"All is well.

All is perfect.

All will come."

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Admittedly this is not my best outfit combo nor is the following combination because it is super difficult to do let alone teach. However as we sit in the middle of a steamy summer and I'm feeling bored with what's in my closet, creating what I call a gypsy nautical look, a combination of harem pants and flirty stripes is a reflection of making do with what I have and not being a slave to perfection rather being creative or what some might call quirky. With a little effort, shopping less and observing what you already have, you will be surprised how much extra mileage your wardrobe will have by coordinating different prints.

When it comes to practicing yoga particularly a hard to do sequence like this, remember it is a process. A method that gets better over time, meaning there will always be a missing part or two as it is designed to be forever evolving like us and everything in the universe including what we hear on the news.

Top, shades & cuff www.forever21.com harem pants which are timeless circa 2009 www.anthropologie.com

Sandals www.ninewest.com bag, vintage

I know you cant see my feet here yet I'm on the balls of my feet, holding onto the top of my feet while preparing for tip toe bridge pose/padangustha setu bandhasana.

Tip toe bridge pose

Overhead arm variation.
Getting ready for wheel pose/urdhva dhanurasana

Wheel pose

Supine knees to chest. A neutralizing posture.

Nail polish, formaldehyde, toluene, dbp free www.gabrielcosmeticsinc.com color, sand castle, makeup www.onehundredpercentpure.com

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Ayurveda Made Easy

Lemon water, have it all day long. It pushes toxins out. Great for first thing in the morning.

Ayurveda is a natural medicinal practice from southern India as well as a sister science to yoga. It is complex to study, enriching to learn and like yoga healing to practice. What attracted me to Ayurveda many years ago is her natural cure concept that believes you must heal what's inside naturally for the outside to shine.

So, while it is summer hot, hazy and humid and obvious for us to do things to cool ourselves down, why do we start the day with a hot cup coffee, wear black, rely on only sunglasses to protect our eyes from straining and squinting in the sun and skip putting on a straw hat? There are many big and small unhealthy habits we all have and my feeling based on watching myself and many other people change for the healthier is you start small, keep it simple and understand the more we put goodness into and on ourselves, eventually our mind and body will no longer want what's bad. Our body is smart and if we let it, we will feel it say no to what isn't good for us.

Imagine starting the day with lemon water before your coffee. It just starts with one lemony sip. Eventually your new and healthy habits will weave into your lifestyle without thinking too much about them.

In the spirit of being simple here are 6 easy Ayurveda inspired things you can do now to beat summer's heat and balance your energy from the inside out.

My summer hot uniform that takes me everywhere in style. A white top and below knee length and longer statement skirt. It keeps me cool plus it is a great yoga tank and tight cover up.

Itchy and red eyes are common in the summer because we squint and strain a lot during summer's long light filled days. Besides wearing shades and a straw hat to care for your eyes and skin, soak two cotton balls in milk and place on closed eyes for a bit.

Keep an aloe plant on a window sill. They are easy to take care of and are perfect to use when you have a sun burn, scrape or rash that needs a little cooling down. Just break off a branch and spread the aloe's gel which is also an astringent right onto your skin.

During summer Ayurveda suggests we should avoid eating excess salt, spicy foods, yogurt (all year round), tomatoes (best on cool days & end of summer), soy, red meat, red wine as well as fermented foods. Sorry for the bad news! These foods have heating qualities that can create an inferno within your belly which leads to heart burn and end of the day bloating. During summer it is best to embrace plenty of summer foods like watermelons, cucumbers, corn and the abundance of fresh fruits and veggies in the marketplace. Other great foods are milk and grains. Try milk and cereal for breakfast, salads for lunch and dinner with bread, quinoa, pasta or rice on the side. Add fish or poultry if you are non veg.

Peppermint oil www.youngliving.com is like carrying a peppermint scented air conditioner in a bottle. Apply to wrists, forehead, back of neck and soles whenever you need to ground and cool off. Aromatherapy works because it unifies your mind and body simply by using your nostrils to smell. Your nose houses your breath and when you notice your breath your mind and body are glued together.

If you would like to learn more read Ayurveda Made Easy Summer Lifestyle Tips on my blog's side bar as well as joining me if you can @ www.bamboomovesenglewood.com for my Tone Your Core Body with Yoga & Ayurveda Workshop this Saturday July 13th at 4pm.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer's Choreography Photo Notes

King dancer's pose

Being that the planet Mercury, which governs communication, is in retrograde until the 20th and astrologers suggest cleaning house and going into old issues that show up at this time in a more enlightened manner than you did in the past is best to focus on rather than signing contracts, buying anything electronic and expecting to catch a plane on time, I've decided to follow the celestial sway the best I can by cleansing closets, cabinets and editing last summer's pictures. I'm even meeting up with that person from the past who has recently reappeared and asked me to have lunch although I feel some conflict will come to the table. As for my pictures, some went to trash while a few back bends, forward bends and a peace and calming breath exercise has inspired my imagination for this summer's posture study.

Tabletop pose

Low lunge variation

Low lunge variation

Alternate nostril breathing

Standing forward bend

Camel pose

Wheel variation

Low lunge variation

Cobbler's pose

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

4th of July Class

The month of July is Queen Anne's lace flowers growing along the roads, firefly lights at night and fire works exploding in the sky on or around the 4th. School is out and summer is in full effect. As we take the day off on the 4th to celebrate Independence Day with parades, barbecues and firework displays, I invite you to tap into the vibe of freedom that's floating in the air and find it within your mind and body as we practice yoga together at the 11:30 am Basics level class for 1 hr and 30 minwww.bamboomovesenglewood.com

Here we will ground, strengthen and open up as we declare our intentions and work towards freeing ourselves of what blocks us.

Queen Anne's lace

Necklace, Ecuador, shades, tights and skirt that was pulled up to be a dress circa 2012 www.forever21.com earrings www.lailarowe.com tote, India and sandals circa 2012 www.ninewest.com