Summer's Choreography Photo Notes

King dancer's pose

Being that the planet Mercury, which governs communication, is in retrograde until the 20th and astrologers suggest cleaning house and going into old issues that show up at this time in a more enlightened manner than you did in the past is best to focus on rather than signing contracts, buying anything electronic and expecting to catch a plane on time, I've decided to follow the celestial sway the best I can by cleansing closets, cabinets and editing last summer's pictures. I'm even meeting up with that person from the past who has recently reappeared and asked me to have lunch although I feel some conflict will come to the table. As for my pictures, some went to trash while a few back bends, forward bends and a peace and calming breath exercise has inspired my imagination for this summer's posture study.

Tabletop pose

Low lunge variation

Low lunge variation

Alternate nostril breathing

Standing forward bend

Camel pose

Wheel variation

Low lunge variation

Cobbler's pose

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