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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Classic T with an Edge

I'm grateful to have been gifted this perfect white t shirt by Moon and Venus. It is a James Dean classic piece that feels like a silky second skin without compressing and squeezing away the real me. Marina Ryback, a longtime lingerie designer, who knows what a woman needs created www.moonandvenus.com Her design is unique as it is made in Italy with a new seamless technology. She includes delicate corset like lines to define and flatter your body. There is also a subtle sheerness to this t in the most sexy and tactful of places, the neckline and shoulders.

I appreciate the fine design found in this line. Especially in body wear as the trend these days is to hide and bind you, which always results in me taking it off the moment I get home and changing into something more comfortable. This top however, I slept in and my husband noticed I wore the two pieces I was given all weekend long. Both on and off the yoga mat.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Exercise Noticing Change

Darker days and cooler nights are more obvious now that we have experienced this week's Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. What are you noticing that tells you we are shifting into a new season? Leaves turning into sunset hues of gold, orange and red. Birds no longer serenading you to wake up in the morning. Where you live may feel like summer at noon and cold enough for a light jacket in the evening. Or perhaps there's more rain where you live.

If you are feeling stuck in experiencing the same old thing day after day, taking a moment where you use your senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling how your environment is changing in apparent and not so pronounced ways may help you get out of the what is vibration and into what is becoming.

List 3 changes you have noticed since the hottest days of August. You can do this in your mind, paper or snap pictures with your phone's camera. Exercising noticing change a few times a week will keep you in the moment, aware that everything in your environment transforms and it is your choice to flow and grow with it or not.

Soccer season and green grass fading to gold.

More cats roaming about.

Monday, September 15, 2014

An Instant Stress Reliever

For instant stress relief go outside or stand at a window and gaze into the sky. Allow yourself to trance for a bit. After a few moments acknowledge what you see. A blue sky. What color blue? Turquoise, pale or medium blue? Are there a lot of clouds? What are their shapes? Is the sky grey? Do you see planes or birds?

Close your mouth and take 3 deep breaths in and out through your nose. How do you feel? Clear? Spacious? Did the pain in your body disappear for the past few moments? We rarely make the time to just notice the sky. If we spend time outside we often have an agenda to meet people, be somewhere or walk, jog and/or bike ride a certain distance to achieve the perfect 60 minute exercise routine. The next time you need some insta stress healing, look up into the sky and nature will reflect back to you exactly what you already have sitting inside of you: space, breath, expansiveness and the ability to transform.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Beginner's Yoga Workshop

A goal of mindfulness is to have a beginner's mind. A mind that can acknowledge the present environment, exactly the way it is without trying to change it. Like a little child full of wonder and curiosity. We can all be beginners at anything and learn something new and grow if we are open enough to try. If any of this sounds interesting to you, perhaps joining a Beginner's Yoga Workshop is for you even if you have been practicing yoga for decades.

I will be leading the Beginner's Yoga Workshop   Saturday   September 13th    3:30pm-6:00pm @Bamboomoves Yoga in Englewood, NJ

Flexibility not required, just curiosity!

Workshop Highlights:

Posture Alignment

Energetic Alignment

The Art of Vinyasa-Moving with Breath

Modifications/Using Props

Meditation Tools and Techniques

$40 paid in advance $50 day of

*If you bring a friend you can participate in the workshop for FREE!

Register @www.bamboomovesyoga.com in Englewood, NJ

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Gratitude Memo

With Labor Day Weekend behind us and the long lazy days of summer evolving into a more grounded and cerebral time of year whether or not you are going back to school, I'm grateful for having experienced summer's more spacious days where I was able to spend some time reflecting on the fruits of my labors. During the past weeks I've picked the sweet fruits I've earned and tossed out the rotten. This coming Fall I will be sharing what I feel will make a difference.

To motivate myself, an intention I've written in my daily memo and plan to read often is:

I will remember to notice and celebrate as I harvest sweet fruits during the last quarter of the year. I will gratefully and humbly hold my basket up high and share my abundance.

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana in Hanumanasana/King pigeon split pose, Top www.saffrontradingcompany.com shorts www.zara.com bangles www.lailarowe.com Quartz ring from the Museum of Natural History boutique