An Instant Stress Reliever

For instant stress relief go outside or stand at a window and gaze into the sky. Allow yourself to trance for a bit. After a few moments acknowledge what you see. A blue sky. What color blue? Turquoise, pale or medium blue? Are there a lot of clouds? What are their shapes? Is the sky grey? Do you see planes or birds?

Close your mouth and take 3 deep breaths in and out through your nose. How do you feel? Clear? Spacious? Did the pain in your body disappear for the past few moments? We rarely make the time to just notice the sky. If we spend time outside we often have an agenda to meet people, be somewhere or walk, jog and/or bike ride a certain distance to achieve the perfect 60 minute exercise routine. The next time you need some insta stress healing, look up into the sky and nature will reflect back to you exactly what you already have sitting inside of you: space, breath, expansiveness and the ability to transform.

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