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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Happy Spring and Super Moon!

     Today's Full Moon is the last of the 3 powerful Super Moons we've had since the beginning of the year. Today is also the Vernal Equinox, the 1st day of Spring which means plenty of growth and change is on its way. Allow this transformative energy to move through your mind, body, heart and soul. For the next 2 months plant your seeds, clean your closets and let in the light and fresh air. This is a time to see your projects grow while balancing letting the kid inside of you out to play. Enjoy watching the earth and yourself awaken.

Monday, March 4, 2019

This Spring March 4th to a Fit and Fearless You-March Schedule

     It's three months into the New Year and with Spring coming around the corner it's time to revisit your New Year's wishes. In some way it must have included reducing stress in your life. How do you get rid of stress? Cortisol? That stress hormone. Start by moving your body and exercising.

     When I'm practicing yoga and or exercising fitness style my neck and shoulders loosen, my lower back feels free and my mind slows down. With all this space and freedom moving through me, I'm smiling again, feeling confident and floating on a cloud watching my thoughts and emotions move like clouds passing by.

      It's time to get to know your body and take care of it so you can have an inner body healing experience. Practicing yoga and exercising regularly releases stressful emotional blocks and makes your energy move freely throughout you. When you move, you heal yourself, feel good and then you're ready to experience what's next in a calm manner.

     Here's my teaching schedule. I hope I can see you on the mat!

Mondays 10am Level 1 Creative Core Conditioning 1hr 
An upbeat barefoot body sculpting class which focuses on strengthening your abdomen and lower back as well as toning your buttocks, chest and arms.

www.birchwoodcenter.com Nyack, NY

11:45am Gentle Yoga Flow 1hr 15min
A step up from gentle yoga with easy to follow yoga flow sequences and meditative moments. 

www.birchwoodcenter.com Nyack, NY

Tuesdays 9:15am Level 2/3 Vinyasa Yoga 1hr 30min
Vinyasa flow style yoga with Iyengar Yoga style peak pose breakdowns. 

www.birchwoodcenter.com Nyack, NY

12noon Gentle Warrior 1hr 30min 
Like a level 1 posture class with Sun Salute variations, restorative yoga, meditation, breath work and no inversions. 

www.bamboomovesenglewood.com Englewood, NJ

Wednesdays 11:45am Gentle Yoga Flow 1hr 15min 

www.birchwoodcenter.com Nyack, NY

Thursdays 9:15am Level 2/3 Creative Core Conditioning 1hr 

www.birchwoodcenter.com Nyack, NY

12noon Gentle Warrior 1hr 30min 

www.bamboomovesenglewood.com Englewood, NJ

Fridays 9:30am Level 2/3 Vinyasa Yoga 1hr 30min 

Nyack, NY