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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Belly: Finding Ease and Strength

Summer's light filled days inspires free flowing schedules that propel us to connect with others, transform and grow. However when the heat is on, the heat within us increases. Our skin, mood and digestion can become irritated while our exercise routine and basic productivity can pause during summer's hottest days. Strengthening and stretching our 3rd chakra, our belly and low back body with yoga postures, practicing cooling breath work and applying Ayurveda's wisdom, a natural medicinal practice from Southern India can restore our summer balance and well being.

In this workshop we will:

Strengthen and stretch our belly and low back body with core focused yoga postures.

Learn about Ayurveda, yoga's sister science and how it can assist in healing summer's ailments such as temper flare ups, sun burn, heat rashes, cuts, bites, bloating, heart burn and laziness.

Take a short written test where you will learn your dosha/type.

Practice cooling breath exercises that you can do anywhere to find balance.

Learn about and meditate on the 3rd chakra, our midsection while resting in a restorative yoga pose. This awareness will shift energetic blocks and accelerate healing.

Saturday   July 26th   4pm-6:30pm

Register   @www.bamboomovesyoga.com   Englewood, NJ

$40 in advance and $50 day of

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Solstice Meditation Ritual

This coming weekend is a deeply sacred masculine time of year. It is when the sun is at his most potent state in the Northern Hemisphere. As we approach the Summer Solstice on Saturday the 21st, it is a good time to meditate on your own masculine energy and that which you wish to strengthen.

Ritualize your meditation by finding a big old tree who has been living for hundreds of years growing patient, reliable and wise with the sun's mighty light. Sit at the base of the tree and ask that it offer you the strength and courage to dare to share your creative thoughts and gifts to uplift yourself and others.

Sit for a while being mindful of your natural breath and surroundings as you hold your vision.

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Liberate Your Lower Back & Hips Workshop

Over the years based on my experience of keeping my body healthy and assisting others in doing so, I've come to learn that the majority of the pain and suffering we feel in our physical body comes from overuse of a particular movement like sitting at a desk most of the day or carrying a baby on one hip. Doing so we do not employ the various ranges of movement we have available in our body. At my upcoming workshop "Liberate Your Lower Back and Hips" the focus will be exercising by way of yoga postures and physical therapy exercises the full range of healthy movements we have accessible in our lower body. My hope is that you can leave this workshop with a clearer understanding of what you need to let go of and or include in your exercise regimen to experience optimal lower body health.

We will conclude our physical practice with a relaxing and rejuvenating lower body energetic chakra cleansing meditation. Here we will rest in a restorative yoga posture. You will be introduced to or perhaps deepen your understanding of your energy chakra body and the emotions that are held within your lower body. Once realized the healing process can accelerate.

Liberate Your Lower Back and Hips Workshop   

Sat. June 14th   4pm-6:30pm 

$40 paid in advance $50 drop in

Register @ www.bamboomovesyoga.com Englewood, NJ

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Legs & Low Back Therapy

As we near the Summer Solstice, June 21st, it is a time of endings. The end of school, lengthening of day's light and cooler spring weather. At the same time it is just the beginning of a new schedule, summer vacations, outdoor activities and celebrations. If you've planted tomatoes you can expect them to be ripening on the vine or simply enjoy the best tomatoes you've seen in a long time at the grocery store.

It is a masculine time of year when the sun's fiery strength is potent. Since there's so much growth coming at us, I feel this period of time is when paying attention to our lower body's health is important. By doing so we can prevent going off balance and keep up with the locomotive energy that is expected of us during the summer months. At my upcoming workshop "Liberate Your Lower Back and Hips" we will practice a combination of lower body focused classical yoga postures, physical therapy exercises and do an energetic chakra cleansing meditation while resting in a restorative yoga posture. These techniques will enable the lower hemisphere of our body to match the freedom found in summer's boundless skies.

Liberate Your Lower Back and Hips Workshop at Bamboomoves Yoga in Englewood, NJ

Saturday June 14th   4pm-6:30pm    $40 paid in advance $50 day of 

Register @ www.bamboomovesyoga.com

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bare Footing

Bare footing is a summertime healing ritual I love to do where I kick off my shoes and walk on the grass, water or damp earth. When you stand, sit, recline or exercise like practice yoga in direct contact with Mother Earth, her energy can easily flow through you. Your feet along with the rest of you will have a different sensory experience than usual with the dirt, grass, water, air and sunlight.

Bare footing develops a deeper relationship with the Great Goddess, Mother Earth. After all, she's always there and waiting for us to come on home to rest and renew with her. The results of doing so are a more grounded state of being, confidence and a more intimate relationship with the natural world. When you make the time to experience this summer ritual it is almost impossible to treat yourself, Mother Earth or anyone else irresponsibly.

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