Liberate Your Lower Back & Hips Workshop

Over the years based on my experience of keeping my body healthy and assisting others in doing so, I've come to learn that the majority of the pain and suffering we feel in our physical body comes from overuse of a particular movement like sitting at a desk most of the day or carrying a baby on one hip. Doing so we do not employ the various ranges of movement we have available in our body. At my upcoming workshop "Liberate Your Lower Back and Hips" the focus will be exercising by way of yoga postures and physical therapy exercises the full range of healthy movements we have accessible in our lower body. My hope is that you can leave this workshop with a clearer understanding of what you need to let go of and or include in your exercise regimen to experience optimal lower body health.

We will conclude our physical practice with a relaxing and rejuvenating lower body energetic chakra cleansing meditation. Here we will rest in a restorative yoga posture. You will be introduced to or perhaps deepen your understanding of your energy chakra body and the emotions that are held within your lower body. Once realized the healing process can accelerate.

Liberate Your Lower Back and Hips Workshop   

Sat. June 14th   4pm-6:30pm 

$40 paid in advance $50 drop in

Register @ Englewood, NJ

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