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Monday, February 22, 2016

Full Moon Ritual: Taking Down the Rearview Mirror

Years back I was on a yoga and meditation retreat up in the Catskill Mountains which required a lot of walking from your room to the meditation hall to the yoga room to the food hall and more. I'm normally up for plenty of walking but when nightfall came around and it was super scary dark in those endless woods beside the paths from here to there I was fast to say "Yes, I'll take a ride back to my room." from anyone who asked.

On one of those post meditation and lecture late nights, a dharma buddy driver had a big old truck without a rearview mirror. I of course questioned "Why don't you have a rearview mirror to look back?" His response was something like "There's no going back, I removed the mirror so I can drive on."

This left such an imprint on me that I will never forget. I will not take down my car's rearview mirror for obvious reasons but symbolically as we sit with February's full moon, where feelings of completely surrendering to what's presenting itself in addition to taking a leap of faith into this leap year are highlighted within my consciousness, I'm taking my rearview mirror down so to speak and going forward.

Have courage!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Awaken Your Spring Mind & Body Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Like a flower breaking off its hard outer shell before blossoming, we have to shed winter's cold winter ways of being to easefully shift into spring. Please join my dear friend Elissa Malloy and myself at The Enchanted Forest Retreat Center in Glen Spy, NY for our Awaken Your Spring Mind and Body Yoga and Wellness Retreat Friday March 18th- Sun. the 20th. Here we will bid farewell to winter and celebrate the Spring Equinox by practicing yoga, meditation and breath work led by me and a spring ritual experience and wellness seminar facilitated by Elissa. You will leave restored and rejuvenated to receive what's new this spring.

Weekend Highlights: 
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Yoga 
  • Exploring the Depths of your Mind, Body and Spirit Seminar
  • Mediation and Awareness Techniques
  • Full Chakra Energy Balancing
  • Kirtan
  • Optional Outdoor exploration
  • Spring Equinox Ritual 

Early Bird Rate $552 if paid before March 4th
Regular Tuition $579
Price includes yoga program, accommodations, and meals.

Please visit http://www.enchantedforrestlife.com/ and click into upcoming retreats to register.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Compassion Yoga Flow: The Forgiving Heart

With my Compassion Yoga Flow special class event coming up this Saturday, I've been reflecting for the past few weeks on the many ways we can awaken compassion within ourselves and for others. From being OK with leaning on each other for help to reflecting on how much you can give away without losing your balance, there's endless ways you can warm up your heart. Today cultivating the forgiving heart comes to mind.

We've all had bad relationships. Perhaps with a lover, parents, siblings, friends, coworkers and or neighbors. Anybody can qualify. These relationships can leave us with feelings of anger, frustration and wondering what if things were different. There are relationships that can't be healed but we can always work towards healing ourselves. Slowing down, where we can embrace ourselves as we acknowledge our negative feelings and all that comes with them is necessary for us to move on.

Make some time to sit and become still. Take three deep breaths. Then watch the wave of your natural breath. In-between watching the rise and fall of your natural breath notice the negative feelings you have regarding a particular relationship. Don't be afraid to admit these dark feelings to yourself. Let these feelings surface. This is the hard part, admitting what you're capable of feeling. Cry, feel heavy, maybe your stomach hurts, but let your negative feelings be felt. Sit for a while. When you feel you're done processing what came up, take three deep breaths before you move on. Be easy on yourself by giving yourself a long lasting hug by doing something you enjoy.

Please join me for my Compassion Yoga Flow special class event Sat. Feb.13th 2pm at www.bamboomovesenglewood.com. Here we will balance the giving and receiving qualities of our hearts by way of back bending and arm balancing mixed with meditative rest in restorative yoga postures.

Compassion Yoga Flow is an online yoga class at www.yogainternational.com This practice raises awareness to The Himalayan Institute's One Tribe Project who is building libraries in Cameroon, Africa.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Winter Break: Taking a Bird's Eye View

Without foliage on the trees, winter is a great time to bird watch. Gratefully I was lucky enough to spend some time down south vacationing with my family where I was able to observe southern Florida's beach variety. Having time off from a routine schedule of being here and there gave me the space I have been craving for some time to just be in one place most of the time. In this case it was the beach. Here I consistently noticed what was under my feet, flying above me and I observed where the sun and moon was positioned in the sky throughout the day. I got a thrill each time flying fish and manatee's would pop out of the water and show me their mermaid like tails. I was fortunate enough to make a lovely beach buddy named, Bernice Shaller who snapped the pics you see in this post in addition to sharing plenty of wisdom on letting go and acceptance. I also enjoyed several spontaneous outdoor yoga practices that at times turned into mini group yoga beach classes with my new friends who weren't afraid of getting sand all over themselves. All of this occurred while being serenaded by the melodic ancient conversation of the sea and the sand meeting each other.

Here I felt a consistent connection of being with the realm of spirit and connected and balanced with the realm of earth. Now that I'm back home, I've simplified my schedule a bit and I'm making it my practice to not let life's pressures lead me into an ungrounded and not noticing state. Like the birds that sat alongside me and flew overhead at the beach, I will practice noticing the birds at home as a reminder to remain connected to both worlds. I will use their keen skills of observation and vision to get right to the point of where I wish to move my energy towards in 2016.