Full Moon Ritual: Taking Down the Rearview Mirror

Years back I was on a yoga and meditation retreat up in the Catskill Mountains which required a lot of walking from your room to the meditation hall to the yoga room to the food hall and more. I'm normally up for plenty of walking but when nightfall came around and it was super scary dark in those endless woods beside the paths from here to there I was fast to say "Yes, I'll take a ride back to my room." from anyone who asked.

On one of those post meditation and lecture late nights, a dharma buddy driver had a big old truck without a rearview mirror. I of course questioned "Why don't you have a rearview mirror to look back?" His response was something like "There's no going back, I removed the mirror so I can drive on."

This left such an imprint on me that I will never forget. I will not take down my car's rearview mirror for obvious reasons but symbolically as we sit with February's full moon, where feelings of completely surrendering to what's presenting itself in addition to taking a leap of faith into this leap year are highlighted within my consciousness, I'm taking my rearview mirror down so to speak and going forward.

Have courage!

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