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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Making Altars, a Moving Meditation


Sometimes setting intentions and knowing is all you can do. Making altars are active meditations I do where I collect what celebrates my current intention. These sacred spaces are never planned out rather the pieces simply show up once my intention becomes clearer to me. Flowers in the market place call me over while branches, leaves and stones during my nature walks ask me to take them home. Vases, benches and deities are either gifted, inherited or found in the thrift shops I frequent. I've come to learn that these pretty symbols of what I'm dreaming about always magically appear to me when I take the time to notice them. Similar to how my intentions eventually materialize in the world, in disguise and better than imagined.

An early spring bloom.

St. Valentine's Day love and beauty altar.

January's prosperity space. "Har, Har, Gobinday!" A Sikh abundance mantra.

Last fall's gratitude space with Ganesh. Thankful for the energy to move through a few blocks and receive abundance.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Easing Itchy, Dry & Cracked Winter Skin w/Earth Loving Products

This week in New York City has been super cold and dry making my shins itch, my pointer finger's skin by my nail crack and bleed plus my belly flake. Sounds pretty doesn't it? When this happens I double dose on Ayurveda's, a natural medicinal practice from Southern India's recommendations to steam up the bathroom, sit and breath in it plus add plenty of good fats to my diet like olive oil, Earth Balance butter as well as ghee, clarified butter, an Indian staple. I've also been working on drinking more water and my favorite of Ayurveda's winter time suggestions is to oil up your skin.

Here are 8 products I've been using for years during winter's cold. A couple of them I've been using for over a decade. They work, they are nature and animal friendly plus free of those nasty parabens we've been hearing about to avoid using as they are chemicals we don't need in our system.

Organic wear tinted moisturizer with spf 15 www.physiciansformula.com A light foundation which doesn't get lost in your wrinkles and crease in the cold.

Moisturizing day cream www.drhauschka.com I've been using this facial cream forever and it goes on light, does its job and makes you feel fresh.

Mountain Ocean Skin Trip body moisturizer www.mountainocean.com Another product I've been using for countless years. It contains distilled lanolin which is a must have ingredient to protect your skin in the cold. Very few companies give you pure lanolin without the additives like Mountain Ocean does.

Aura Cacia sweet almond body oil www.auracacia.com After taking a shower rub your belly with this oil, sesame or jojoba work well too and spread the excess oil all over you.

Radiance eye cream with royal jelly www.burtsbees.com Leaves your eye's skin feeling silky.

Bee & Flower sandal wood soap www.beeandflowersoap.com  This bar of soap lasts, doesn't dry you and leaves a calming sandal wood smell on you.

Aura Cacia lemon essential oil www.auracacia.com Spread on your belly, neck and wrists and smell invigorating rays of sunshine on you.

One Hundred Percent Pure pink caramel lip gloss www.onehundredpercentpure.com  I love this company and I can't get enough of their products. This lip gloss looks natural, stays on and is not sticky.

Although these products are tested and true to work by me, be sure to do the inner work of hydrating by drinking more water, meditating and breathing in a steamy bathroom as well as drizzling more olive oil over your food, spreading Earth Balance butter over your toast and sauteing your veggies in ghee. Ghee sautes food nicely. With practice on the coldest and driest of winter's days, you'll feel moisturized inside and out.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fashion Week's Snow Day

Makeup www.onehundredpercentpure.com earrings www.forever21.com

This blog was birthed about 2 years ago. I learned about blogging from opening up a Forever 21 email that featured 5 fashion bloggers that creatively wore their clothes. These ladies inspired me to use blogging as a medium to share my personal modern yogini lifestyle.

Consistently writing it down and taking plenty of pictures has given me the clarity that 3 topics whisper the most to me. Nature and how it influences us in addition to how we can save it. Fashion and the many ways it highlights us when used mindfully and finally the infinite pearls of yoga's wisdom that always keeps me coming back for more.

Celebrating New York City's fashion week and one of the major roots of Glamorous Yogini's inspiration, fashion, here is post of simply what I wore on the way to yoga class the day after a heavy snow storm.

If you're like me and you only have one chance to get dressed a day, what you wear to class needs to be mindfully covered up in such a way that enables you to go many places afterwards without looking sloppy and inappropriate.

Here's a colorful winter option. The key piece I started with and layered around was the artic print tights. Black, biege and winter white toned me down while colorful accessories like the tribal bib necklace and fushia scarf gave me a little more pop of color.

Boots, Nine West outlet store, knee high socks, tights, shades & necklace www.lailarowe.com bag, vintage

Coat & sweater on sale www.zara.com texting gloves, Century 21 Store, hat, gifted, scarf, street vendor

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Saint, the Goddess Brighid & Self Love

Makeup www.onehundredpercentpure.com

February 2 for me is way more than Groundhog Day. It shares the holy day I remember so clearly from my Catholic schooling as the feast day of Saint Brighid. For the past 5 years one of my favorite past time activities is Celtic study. As a result, I now identify this day and month of February like my Irish ancestors did long ago as Goddess Brighid's time.

She's a triple pagan Goddess who invokes the energies of fire, fertility and creativity. She was so loved by the Celts, that Christian conquerors chose to deify her as St. Brighid because it was easier to recreate her image than to try to extinguish the love people had for her.

The woods surrounding New York City have many fallen trees as a result of last fall's hurricane Sandy. This one was sturdy enough to back bend over.

The energy of Brighid be it a Saint or a Goddess keeps our home's warm and toasty during winter's cold. She encourages us to reexamine our life and see if it is working for us in keeping true to attract our New Year's Dreams we set not too long ago. This is why she is associated with healing and fertility in addition to inspiring a more creative and poetic life.

Coat, head wrap & booties 2011 www.forever21.com

To celebrate Brighid's day, I was fortunately able to have an unexpected private day. This seldom happens being a wife and mother of two. Especially since my youngest is two years old. Gratefully with this space I happily practiced yoga alone, ate lunch out with a favorite book and got a manicure and pedicure. Pink was my choice color for this month of hearts, love and the hope of an early spring.

Gloves www.lailarowe.com scarf, street vendor

During my few hour day cation, I had the ability to mentality sort out what needs to go in my weekly routine so that I can have some regular me time in the future. Having scheduled space I can rest a bit, visualize what I would like to see come towards me and most importantly consciously summon it.  If you're feeling like you could use a little bit of this space to do the same, Brighid is the Goddess or Saint to call upon. She is a purifier. She's associated with the element of fire which burns away the old in addition to being in cahoots with moving water that is always going forward and looking for a larger body of water to flow into.

Tights www.oldnavy.com knee high socks www.lailarowe.com red sweater on sale www.zara.com

This month consider being your own Valentine first. There's nothing selfish about taking care of yourself. Open your arms and heart to love you. When you do you will feel better, smile and reach out to others with ease. You will also attract the life you want to live.