Fashion Week's Snow Day

Makeup earrings

This blog was birthed about 2 years ago. I learned about blogging from opening up a Forever 21 email that featured 5 fashion bloggers that creatively wore their clothes. These ladies inspired me to use blogging as a medium to share my personal modern yogini lifestyle.

Consistently writing it down and taking plenty of pictures has given me the clarity that 3 topics whisper the most to me. Nature and how it influences us in addition to how we can save it. Fashion and the many ways it highlights us when used mindfully and finally the infinite pearls of yoga's wisdom that always keeps me coming back for more.

Celebrating New York City's fashion week and one of the major roots of Glamorous Yogini's inspiration, fashion, here is post of simply what I wore on the way to yoga class the day after a heavy snow storm.

If you're like me and you only have one chance to get dressed a day, what you wear to class needs to be mindfully covered up in such a way that enables you to go many places afterwards without looking sloppy and inappropriate.

Here's a colorful winter option. The key piece I started with and layered around was the artic print tights. Black, biege and winter white toned me down while colorful accessories like the tribal bib necklace and fushia scarf gave me a little more pop of color.

Boots, Nine West outlet store, knee high socks, tights, shades & necklace bag, vintage

Coat & sweater on sale texting gloves, Century 21 Store, hat, gifted, scarf, street vendor

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