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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mother Earth's Great Opening

Old Hook Mountain's forest, Nyack, New York

This post has been within my thoughts for the past few weeks wanting me to have the quiet time to sit down behind the computer to write it down.

These pictures were taken in early May on Mother's Day May 8th by my husband and son Ryan while baby Krishna stayed at home with his Dadi Ma (this means Grandma on the Father's side in Hindi) for her 1st Grandma's/Mother's Day. The boys asked me where I would like to go after teaching yoga in the morning. As always the yoga fairy in me is game to head into nature and breathe in the new and fully greened trees of New York State.

this forest is alongside the Hudson River

May is always an active month for me and I'm sure for everyone else out there who is experiencing warmer weather and longer sunlit days. Between my life's basic domestic and yoga teaching demands, personally it is now time for me to research the best plants to buy and nurture in my New York City terrace garden. In May I also teach my annual Mother's Day workshop at http://www.bamboomovesyoga.com/. The physical, philosophical and healing focus of this yearly class is always in alignment with exactly what is happening in nature during May in the Northern Hemisphere along with it's effect on our body's consciousness. At this time of the year Mother Nature is in a magnificent blaze of rich life and color. So is the potential of our creative selves to blossom fully if we're open to it.

This year I co taught the Mother's Day workshop with my psychic healer girlfriend Carol Lynne Parker. I led us through yoga postures, breath work and a meditation which opened, chipped away at and started the conscious healing process of the 2nd chakra. Chakras are light energy centers that run along our spine and beyond our skull. The 2nd chakra, orange in color, is located below the navel and above the pubis. This energy center is sometimes referred to as the sacral chakra or swadhisthana chakra (in Sanskrit). This center is where we store our emotions related to our likes and dislikes mostly sexual along with our creative force.

a view along our path

After I led us through a physical and meditative clearing, Carol channeled the Mother Earth Goddess, Gaia, along with giving everyone an individual message related to healing their 2nd chakra. Gaia reminded us that she is always here for us to rest on and feel supported. She said "Why not give it a try and believe in her, nurture her and create the life you invision for yourself?" There was so much more said through Carol Lynne, but there is something about listening to channeled messages. Summarizing them never gives the message justice.You need to hear them in person to receive the wisdom and healing that is flowing in between the words that spark an understanding for your consciousness.

Days before and after this practice, I felt heat coming out from my reproductive lower body along with a whole slew of emotions and dreams related to my sexual and creative self. I've got a lot of healing to do within my reproductive body related to feelings of dishonor from past intimate relations along with creations to produce, release and share.

This workshop was on May 14th about a week after Mother's Day. Along with the heat emanating from my ovaries my spirit knocked me out even further with a huge sinus cold which started on Mama's Day.

the cold started here

The benefit of having the type of cold that puts you on your backside for a day, which happened to me the day after this photo was taken, is you get to be still and hopefully served. When you are completely quiet you can watch, in this case for me try to breathe and feel. Days after the initial knockout punch from this cold, the spacey congested feeling really worked in keeping me out of my head most of the time and connected to feeling within the present moment rather then planning my way through the days preceding the Mother's Day 2nd chakra workshop.

the view above

There is so much to feel that is new in nature in the Northern Hemisphere during May. It is a time when the God, Father Sky, and the Goddess, Mother Earth have emerged from a cold sleep of early spring to make love and create their baby, nature, with a spectacular show of color and lush green life.

My Irish ancestors celebrated May 1st and called it Beltane. I believe there's no mistake that the English
Royals, Prince William and Kate chose the auspicious date of April 30th the eve of Beltane to wed. Traditionally this time celebrates the union of couples, by dancing around the Maypole, jumping over a fire and making love. Flowers which symbolize the lovemaking between the God and the Goddess are given to Mothers. This ancient European May custom eventually evolved into America's Mother's Day.

I do remember dancing around the Maypole sometime in grade school. It's significance was never discussed back then. My inquisitive adult nature has led me to learn that the Maypole is a representation of the God's private part inserted into Mother's Earth's womb.

Now that I'm a Datwani, Indian by marriage, I always seem to have the American Irish side of me telling the Indian Aunties and Uncles I meet at family parties that the Irish and Indians from India have a lot in common. As I write this I'm realizing subconsciously my ego cuts in and says this often because the integration of being the first Blondie with a pre teen son in a traditional Hindu only family has not been the easiest love journey to take. I guess my Celts and Hindus commonality belief I share with most of the Indian family and friends I meet is to affirm that we all come from the same source. Warts and all, we are not seperate.

What I'm learning now as I go deeper into my Indian life is that the Celts long ago adopted much of ancient India's sacred rituals.


The maypole's concept of representing male fertility is originally from India. Rather than a pole there's the "Great Lingham" a dome like shape. I remember seeing a lingham sculpture at one of the multiple wedding ceremonies Amit and I had. Look at the above image of Shiva, the great creator and destroyer.  In the foreground you will see a lingham, an adorned dome. By the 15th Century most of Europe adopted this phallic image, called it the maypole and decorated it with ribbons and flowers similar to India's lingham.

tunic vintage from London http://www.monsoon.co.uk/

I'm wearing green and brown to celebrate Mother's Day as the day of the great Goddess, Mother Earth. I also chose to wear this tunic because I like it's lightweight semi sheer fabric. Also seen in an April post "Bird's Eye View."Earlier in the day I taught yoga in a Hindu temple, the Sadhu Vaswani Center in Closter, New Jersey. I felt it was only appropriate to keep my tunic on in this sacred space while guiding the practice. For this reason I opted for this movable fabric.

My Father in law's Guru

There are several Sadhu Vaswani centers throughout the world where Dada (which means Grandfather in Hindi) graces everyone with centering, pacifying and life enhancing wisdom. If you've never been in the presence of a living light master you just may want to. Being in the presence of a human angel like Dada is very inspiring and humbling to the ego.

He turns 93 (or is it 94?) this August. His ashram is in Poona, India. Despite his earth age this light master can still do a little touring and teaching. Amazing! You can visit http://www.sadhuvaswani.org/ for more details on Dada.

For the yogis, he and Swami Satchidanada, founder of Integral Yoga, spent a lot of time together.

Warrior 2 legs

All the previous sexy talk is because my Warrior posture focus at this time is on opening. Just in time for nature's high spring rebirth of vibrant green color. In earlier posts "Brown Sugar Magnolia" I highlighted the precision details of where you place your hands and feet in Warrior 2 pose. Being precise while practicing postures allows our mind to cut through the extra chatter and focus. In "Joan of Arc-The Warrior Saint" post you can connect to the wisdom of being a gentle warrior who's confident and strong while offering an open heart by way of a mini back bend. In an earlier post "A Peaceful Warrior" very few words are needed as you see the great non violent leader Gandhiji holding a peaceful protest sign stating "No More Islamophobia" in Union Square, New York City.

making sure my back arm is level to my back shoulder 

These days my yoga teaching is primarily focused on teaching Basics classes. Years ago I was the fast paced person who loved a strong practice as well as teach one. I've come to realize that being rajasic, Sanskrit for fast, all the time made me more of a Speedy Gonzalez. To balance, to heal and change my personal behavior I decided to bring it down several notches in my personal yoga practice and teach mostly Basics classes. The result has been outstanding for me personally. I now have more energy, time to do what I love, write and for the most part my old injuries are clearing. Also I've come to meet so many new people who will only come to a Basics level class. While when I only taught fast and advanced classes I kept on seeing the same people year after year with every so often a new face. The cool part is that students who studied hard core style with me in the past have been filtering into my Basics level classes, feeling great results and are sticking with it too.

Basics class is not easy. In fact they are very deep. Rather than rushing through poses there's more holding, analyzing and breathing in each posture. I always offer add on options for the hyper bendy, super strong and encourage everyone that if you can't breathe or turn the corners of your lips up while in a pose back off and return to the yoga zone. A balance between being not too tight and not too loose.

a modified extended side angle

What made me open to change from being a fast paced lady was feeling how most days ended in pure exhaustion, wanting a new life where my yoga practice and yoga business was not the only thing I had going on. Bringing my family, my interests and my overall well being under the microscope to reanalyze and rearrange is not easy to always maintain perfect balance. My old and deep fast paced behavioral patterns always wants to creep out and get some attention. What counts the most is that I was finally open enough to be curious to see my ways and change it a bit.

There's way more to go!

open your chest and gaze towards the sun light

I discovered if life is only about being in the love, love love, being veg, veg, veg, positive, positive, positive frame of mind... then you are not open. You are then stuck in the belief system of this is the way I will operate and that's it. Being sad, crying, angry, jealous, attached and wanting a little crab cake (my veg weakness) from time to time is all part of being human.

the view over my modified extended angle pose

As you sit in a yoga pose and gaze above as I am here, feelings of heat from holding this difficult sun pose and a little anger wells up for me. Anger is what I'm working on. Rather than numbing this feeling and ignoring it, I watch it. It doesn't mean I'll act on my anger instead I take my next inhale and breathe it in then I release a bit of it the best I can with an exhale. This is where the healing comes in. You see if I rushed through this posture and didn't pay attention to what comes up for me then I'm just doing a yoga glorified exercise class. Instead I've learned it is most helpful for me in the ascension process to slow it down, to feel everything that comes up, breathe it in, release it little by little, heal and watch my personal feelings of anger transform into something else.

back view

Warrior poses and in this case I evolved my warrior into extended side angle pose stimulate every part of us. However most of our energy is drawn to our lower body activating our 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras. Our get up and go survival centers.

try to turn out the front bent knee's thigh bone from the hip

The 1st chakra, the base of our groin, is where we store our issues with Mom and Dad. As well as our issues with our money and home. This is where my anger sits.

And then it moves up to my 2nd chakra.

Our 2nd chakra, sacral area, is where our likes and dislikes are formed, mostly sexual along with our ability to create. Imagine...you would love to try cooking a new recipe. Doing this will take a little extra effort. Wouldn't you be unmotivated to cook this extravagant meal if you didn't like your mate? Here is where our creativity can be stifled by disliking our mate.

Our 3rd energetic center, located above our navel, is where our will power and our ego forms. Including our most obvious intuitive cues. Has your gut feeling ever told you yes or no?

expand and open to the sky on your inhale, exhale and feel the ground

Teaching Basics classes have introduced me nearly every class to a student who whispers to me that it is their first class and they are very tight, weak and out of shape. Each time I hear this I relay to them that yoga is not just about being flexible, strong and having a fashionable body. It is about doing opposite things that you would normally do in order to make an opening, heal yourself and to feel balanced. Let's say you are about to open a water bottle. You need to twist the cap in the opposite direction of the bottle to open it. You see, if you move in a opposite direction an opening occurs. So if you're tight, bendy, strong or weak you can benefit from practicing yoga if you focus on doing the opposite of what you are while practicing.

The tight person needs to not self judge and practice a little gentleness while concentrating on their breath in a forward bend.

The over flexible yogi needs to soften their knees and elbow joints while in postures.

A weak person needs to show up more often and focus on taking a few more breaths while practicing postures.

A strong person needs to put a little less effort into the heat activating postures and practice melting longer in the cooling postures.

Peaceful Warrior with a half bind

Since Warrior postures are fire postures adding a little heart opening by wraping my back arm behind me stimulates a little softness in my attitude and an opening within my 1/2 bound shoulder.

shades http://www.forever21.com/

modified extended side angle with a 1/2 bind

Here I've transitioned into a 1/2 bound extended side angle.

Notice how my front leg's fingertips are not touching the floor. This makes my core body turn on deeply because I'm not sinking into my hand for support.

bracelet http://www.lailarowe.com/

If you need to modify a bind to ease your shoulder keep the finger nail side of your hand on the bent knee's buttock.

tights http://www.americanapparel.com/

Notice a full bind. The top hand is in jnana mudra. This hand gesture symbolizes wisdom. I'm very flexible therefore I soften my elbow joints while breathing in this extreme heart opening variation of extended side angle.

Although this is a demanding posture specifically on the legs as they ground and open, the back bend gives me a completely opposite feel of receiving space, light and love. This opposition helps to extinguish a bit of my anger.

The most basic and common definition of yoga is the union of opposites. Bringing opposing forces towards each other to make an opening.

ring http://www.accessorize.com/

My hand unwinding from a bind to the sky.

My feet pushing downward  in opposition.

Feeling light and grounded at the same time.

As I pushed down to lift out of the pose I lost my balance. Practicing on grass with sandals has its challenges.

Ryan led us through a trail.


Look at what we found in the woods. Is this what happens when opposites attract? A clearing and space for peace. I hope so because as much as most of us love to believe that we are integrated and not separated, I feel based on what I witness as I trek through my daily life in New York City to New Jersey and back, we still have a long way to go.

Have courage Open warriors!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Joan of Arc-The Warrior Saint

Warrior 2 pose

Has your world been topsy turvy? I'm referring to the past few years. Are you feeling the shifts in consciousness the philosophers have been speaking about regarding entering 2012 manifesting in front of you? I thought this age meant I would be seeing rainbows each time I looked up towards the sky. Instead I'm seeing sticky mud and thick concrete to bull doze through. The old world versus new age order. It ain't easy pitching new concepts to traditional businessmen & women, the pillars. However this is why we incarnated at this time, to create the shift and marry the old that are willing with the new.

How about your personal relationships? Are they not exactly the same as they were year's ago however the same old story line seems to show up on some level with a different face? Are your old ways of coping no longer working? Does the ground feel a little unstable and the walls thick? If any of this resonates within you I suggest paying a little extra attention to your Warrior poses in yoga class.

woven belt http://www.forever21.com/

Standing poses particularly warrior poses are very grounding when you pay attention to pressing both feet into the earth. By not favoring one leg you will feel stable and notice a feeling of spaciousness growing within your chest and heart as your spine lightens up to the sky. Place your hands on your hips and gently press downward. This technique will encourage your legs and feet to feel the ground.

boat shoes http://www.forever21.com/

Earlier in the day I was wearing my golden gladiator sandals which I thought coordinated like perfection with this tunic that has a Spartan sequins and a warrior square neck flair. Because it became chilly outside after noon time my toes needed coverage. I opted for my natural/gold speckled boat shoes. This is not my favorite combination but while in a hurry to leave the house I kept my color story of purple,natural and gold going on and slipped on these shoes.

I love style but you'll notice a common thread in my style as we move forward together. I love to feel comfortable and always ready to go into a yoga pose and breathe. When the weather changes I change with it and when it comes to shoes I take them seriously. They support our foundation. If you wear high heeled shoes that make your knees bend as you walk or teeter totter as you stand in pain your consciousness will waver like your aching feet, legs and lower back. Who has time for this?

Heels are unquestionably gorgeous but in future posts I will point out yogini options. Hint-the flat form and platform wedge.

purple flowers on my Mother in law's lawn, my outfit's color inspiration

The earth is always there for us no matter how bad things in life maybe. You can always rest on it and connect to that inner light which is always there within you. When you sit on the earth and in this case stand in a warrior pose and connect to your light, you can gaze upward towards the sky and remind yourself of how vast you are as well as your inner light. This will give you strength, a little pick me up to keep you on your journey and go after with compassion for what you stand for.

vintage tunic from India, tights sale http://www.hardtailforever.com/

What I love about this tunic is it's silky feel. You can see how a gentle May breeze is moving this fabric. Since this tunic has a silky and flowing drape, I'm able to belt it at the waist without it bunching up in a weird way. This gives it shape to look like a mini dress over my yoga tank and tights.

Belt less this tunic is gorgeous as well. Perfect for covering a little moon cycle bloat and my pregnancy last year.

a gentle Peaceful Warrior

Getting back to pain and suffering. As a yoga practitioner I do a balanced practice from beginning to end. What I do within my practice to keep myself interested on the mat and to heal whatever is off within my energetic body is- I always have a focus. Sometimes my focus can last for months like my "Bird's Eye View" post while others maybe a few weeks. Currently I'm into the Warrior phase. In earlier posts Gandhi the "Peaceful Warrior" and "Brown Sugar Magnolia" has been an inspiration to practice putting feet on my intentions for this year as well as nature's shift into beautiful weather here in New York City. I'm noticing now I can stand outside and chat with my neighbors, stroll my baby Krishna around more and take in all that being outside can provide us rather than running into door from door off the street because of cold weather.

Warrior 2 peak at your back arm and give it a little lift

But the reality here for me is that these pictures were taken by my husband Amit just as we were driving back from seeing my divorce lawyer. I've been divorced for over ten years from my first son's father and there's still wacky stuff going on that I will not post because this is not as bashing site but rather I will post how I feel. Yucky, gewey and gross. You know that storyline in your own life that you run so far away from because it feels like that. You may numb it with food, sex, drugs, alcohol, disguise it behind running laps around the park and taking a lot of yoga classes. My husband Amit Egan Datwani, a spiritual counselor, said to me "You've got to stop saying NUMBASTE and feel, breathe, heal and release to then start saying namaste." He makes me laugh and with jokes the truth always slips out.

He is right on. I've watched a lot of yogis and yoginis including myself over the years spend far to much time focusing on the physical postures, pranayama, repeating mantras, philosophy yet not feeling, breathing, healing and releasing what ails them personally.

Peaceful Warrior

Now is the time to feel and heal. If you have been doing the work, keep going because the layers of pain and suffering run deep. If you been running away from your pain and suffering do know that you can't hide it will find you and stop you in your tracks. Try in your yoga physical practice to stand on both feet, feel mother earth's support while the heavens illuminate you and be a warrior who faces your stuff head on.

I believe quite a few more things are in store for all of us that we initially didn't sign up for willingly although our spirit is sure to make us journey through it in order to enter into what many are calling the Golden Age of Light.

Peaceful Warrior

To practice standing up and voicing your truth, I've posted in an earlier post "Brown Sugar Magnolia" the precision details of where to put your hands and feet in Warrior 2 pose. In this post I'm going to suggest being the gentle warrior. Soften your stance in this posture above called Peaceful Warrior. Notice how there is a touch of vulnerability while I gently raise my front arm up and release the back arm behind me while I back bend slightly and open my heart center. This warrior is not wimpy. This warrior's gentleness suggests absence of doubt, which means confidence.

There are plenty of warriors out there that have to prove they are right. This is plain old arrogant macho tough guy stuff. Arrogance possesses fear and this is why a compassionate warrior's strength can accomplish far more good and have staying power. The peaceful warrior knows truth will always prevail.


The next time you do warrior postures start with precision, this will help you to slow down your mind and concentrate. Place your hands and feet in their proper alignment for you then add a dose of gentleness. Relax a little. In other words go to your edge as you lunge and hover over the place where you feel the burn and be there. Breathe, notice what comes up, feel it, breathe more and work towards releasing what you've been storing for ages.

looking at my foundation

Joan of Arc has been popping into my conciousness as I've been hearing my guidance in writing this post. When I look at this outfit there's a Grecian/Newport Rhode Island/Merlin purple thing going on here. I translate all of these qualities as the Warrior faces emotion symbolized by water-the boat shoes and I need a little bit of Merlin's magic to move through my personal blocks.

Joan had a intense warrior path. When she was a young teenager living in the French countryside she heard voices for several years guiding her to cut her hair short, to wear men's clothes and to petition France's governing officials to be a captain in the armed forces. You can imagine the magic she needed to channel in 1429 to make this happen. Somehow she did it and kept England from taking over France. Her success on the battlefield put Charles VII on the French throne. He honored her publicly in his coronation. A year or so later as she was defending France on the battlefield she was captured by the English and was imprisoned in England. During this time she was tried for witch craft and questioned about wearing pants and having short hair like a man. King Charles VII never came to assist her.

Was it Joan who paved the way for us ladies to wear pants and cut our locks? Unfortunately at the age of only 19 Joan was burned at the stake in an English marketplace. In 1909 she was beatified and in 1920 the Pope named her a Saint. I've read she said her guides, the voices she would hear said "Keep going."

necklace http://www.forever21.com/

I'm getting my haircut this week. Thanks Joan.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

1, 2 nic, 3...I'm Ready

 overcast Hudson River, Nyack, New York

Last Sunday my family and I stayed with my in laws on the Jersey side. Conveniently I'm a born and bred Bergen County, NJ girl so I know most of the ins and outs of where to go yogini style. One of my favorite high energy vortex spots is Nyack, New York. It is just a short drive north up the Palisades Parkway. Nyack is a granola chic riverside town with a mountain view, breathtaking hiking trails, great veg option places to eat, yoga classes to take at http://www.birchwoodcenter.com/ and trendy shops galore including vintage boutiques. The yoga fairy within me always feels a nice jolt of fresh anti city energy after spending some time in Nyack.

The artist Edward Hopper's 1st home

You can enjoy Edward Hopper's little art museum just off Main Street.

me looking remarkably happy & wearing navy tights http://www.oldnavy.com/

Do I walk like this? With a spring to my step? The way my mind works most of the time I was shocked to see such a shot of me almost skipping on the side walk. For this reason I had to include this picture to remind myself that our mind and body has a consciousness that can experience glimpses of pure joy. The only problem is as quick as it comes in, it disappears. How do we make a glimpse fatter and longer? I've been told by my beloved heart guru Geshe Michael Roach "More yoga."

shades & tank http://www.forever21.com/

We took an early yoga class therefore I had to be a speedy style setter with the extra mini dilemma of having a limited wardrobe in New Jersey. The good news is, May's mild temperature allows us to go outside coat less most of the days. I call it tunic time. Well, anyone who's watched my dressing knows I wear tunics all year round. However now I don't have to layer them with turtlenecks and scarfs. Simply throw on a tunic over my yoga tank and tights... and I'm ready

tencel denim tunic, vintage boutique? Paris

Tunics are a glamorous yoganista's staple item. Like dock siders for a sailor and a hard hat for a construction worker. Why tunics? Because they are loose, cover our tush, appropriately conceal cleavage, move with us pre, sometimes during yoga practice, except during any type of inversion like downward facing dog, standing forward bend, and postures like headstand. While practicing yoga tunics are great for wearing when we're grounding in the beginning of class and to throw on again to stay warm in savasana/final relaxation and meditation. Post yoga class a tunic's coverage can take a yogini everywhere in style. It is all about accessorizing your tunic the right way for the occasion.

beads, New York City street vendor

When I experienced the New Age guru Adyashanthi speak weeks ago in NYC he told a story about his personal mala beads, which he never took off, and how the universe intervened his bead wearing for good by having his bead's string catch onto a door's edge, rip apart and each bead separated from one another and bounced onto the floor before him. This sort of thing has happened to me plenty of times too but I'm not giving up on bead wearing. I just wear cheap stuff so when it breaks or gets lost I don't have an attachment fit. He said "It is common for faith systems to have some sort of bead work. The Buddhists and Hindus have malas, the Catholics have rosary beads." Nyack to me has an American Indian slash Bostonian colonial vibe. I don't know why I say so but it is just a feeling. Here I'm sporting the American Indianesque beads over blue denim.

earrings http://www.lailarowe.com/

I almost didn't put on these earrings. I thought, too beady. Since I was initially drawn to the extra pop of color, I stuck with it and I wore them without adding bangles to my wrists.

beaded thongs http://www.accessorize.com/ & burlap tote, flea market

One last fashion bit...in May I pull out a few more blue denim pieces from storage and keep them in the front of my closet. During June all blue pieces are out and accessible including white denim. I believe blue denim is a spring and late summer style. Why? To celebrate many warm weather trips towards blue water and skies ahead. After Halloween, Oct. 31st, it is about wearing midnight blue denim plus grey and black denim styling until the following spring.

a crop photo of a poster advertising Ed Hopper's work

The Hopper House is a small town quaint museum which has tight security. They would not let me take pictures of his paintings inside. So here you have a photo of a poster advertising Hopper's work which I found outside in the front garden. Above we are looking at a cropped version of Night Hawks, a famous painting of Ed's. I've seen Las Vegasesque renditions copying this masterpiece with an image of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean sitting at the counter.

Edward Hopper like me was born in a small town across the Hudson River from New York City. We have in common that we've made our adult life's home downtown NYC. He left his body in 1967. Between his early life in Nyack and later life in New York City he had the great fortune to be recognized for his artistic talent. He traveled throughout Europe where he painted, exhibited his work and studied with master painters. The loose painterly brush stroke styling his influences presented him did not sink in. He kept true to his illustrative realist style and being a master of precise lines and depicting deep contemplative thought. As I write this I'm realizing we could have been good friends. I feel like I'm the yoga student/teacher version of this.

Ed loved painting city scenes like gas stations, stores and restaurants. Mostly presenting women seated alone in deep contemplation. He had a wife named Jo, perhaps his muse, who vacationed with him on the Massachusetts Cape where he painted mother nature's summer scenes.

The thinker or the observer? Both?

Most of what I read about Ed is that his representations of life is cold, stark, lonely and detached. I see his paintings as snap shots of any given moment in time. Here this lady is being quiet, still and drawing her energy in where in the above photo I'm sashaying on the cobblestone walkway. The reality is I feel like I spend more time looking like her these days.

Whether you know something or nothing about art, it is a good mindfulness practice to visit a museum once in a while and see which piece of art reflects your consciousness at the moment your viewing it. I can assure you that it will change as fast as the weather.