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Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Smooth Side Body Standing Sequence

When it comes to sequencing a yoga practice, having a theme keeps your class from feeling like everything has been thrown into the kitchen sink. Lately lengthening and strengthening the side body has been musing me.

The sequence warrior 2 pose to triangle pose to 1/2 moon pose is a no fail standing combination that everyone loves because it is smooth and works. Sure, standing in 1/2 moon pose gets you to wobble a bit but moving yourself over to a wall or a tree like I did here gets you to examine the pose deeper and feel the importance of keeping the sides of your body long and strong similar to the trunk of a tree. In all of these poses the lower body is rooted, the trunk is stable while the upper body expands and slightly sways like tree's branches moving on the wind.

In writing this, I'm noticing how the recent lush, green and fullness of early summer's trees has inspired my attention to finding the power of the trees within my body as well as guiding others to find it.

Looking for a yoga studio in New York City that teaches well balanced and thematic classes? Then visit www.zenyasastudio.com and read more.

Bringing the arms overhead and gazing up past them encourages the shoulders to align over the hips for warrior 2 pose.

Warrior 2 pose

I call this a side bending triangle.

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Triangle pose

Reach up with the top arm, not behind you.

Top arm prep for 1/2 moon pose.

1/2 Moon pose

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Central Park Yoga

Living in the fast pace of New York City, Central Park's serene beauty is a healing sanctuary for me. A place where I sit and walk through while I process joyous, tragic and neutral experiences of my life as well as receive sparks of wildly innovative ideas on how to approach my relationships and creativity in guiding myself and others into wellness. With this being said, I was ecstatic when my friend Kirtan Smith asked me to teach yoga for him while he is away at Lisa Langer's creation, www.centralparkyoga.com

Being in Mother Nature, surrounded by her beauty and healing by way of yoga is my speciality. If you can, please join. I will be teaching...

Saturdays   June 8th, 15th and 22nd     at 9 am

We meet at 81st Street and Central Park West's entrance and walk into the park together.

Please bring a mat, water bottle and a towel if desired.

The exchange is $20 a class or $140 for a 10 class card.

Join Central Park Yoga's Facebook group. Here you will be informed in case of a cancellation due to rain.

Central Park Yoga's weekly schedule is:

May- September 22nd

Saturdays   9 am   with Kirtan Smith   www.thecontentsoul.com

Sundays   10 am   with Lisa Langer   www.lisalangeryoga.com

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spring's 4 Favorite Easy & Natural Beauty Finds

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When you practice looking at the lighter side of life you naturally start making better choices. You also realize that sharing is part of the process. Here are 4 favorite spring picks that are new to me and are adding ease, well being and beauty into my daily life.

Denim leggings that are under $40. Great for the yoga mat, street and beyond @ www.hue.com

Chia seeds are amazing. They are gelatinous and when digested toxins stick to them. You can say chia seeds assist in pushing the bad stuff out of you. This kombucha tea mixed with chia seeds from www.synergydrinks.com has more omega 3's in it than a serving of salmon plus it is packed with probiotics and antioxidants. It comes in many delicious flavors and I'll admit I like the green chia best because it looks so weird while you drink it. 

Burning soy organic candles like this lilac candle from www.seedsoycandles.com is the way to go. Think about it, if you burn a candle made of chemicals you then inhale them. 

Buying consciously does take a bit more effort but I'm noticing now that more of us are doing so, prices for healthy products are becoming more competitive and within reach for most consumers. What you buy does make a difference.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sacred Spaces

Sacred spaces are peaceful places that I frequent during the in between moments of my busy life. Such as when my toddler is napping in his stroller, before I pick up my teenage son from his very active life and sometimes I'm lucky enough to sit and ground in these spaces before I lead a class or have a meeting.

These days, especially since it is warming up, I'm noticing spending some time in sacred spaces is making up for those less grounded moments I have on my yoga mat earlier in the morning. I practice yoga and meditation nearly daily and because of my family lifestyle I consistently have to get up before the crack of dawn to do so. Most mornings I have some time to myself yet on the others I'm interrupted with a little angelic voice singing "Mommy!" No doubt a dream to hear but overtime feelings of being unbalanced swells.

I remind myself often that Motherhood like life comes in phases, what happens now will morph into something new in time, so cherish what you have now. If you're feeling like me, a little overwhelmed at times in the Goddess role, consider stepping into a nearby park for a few moments. Here you can rest on the Great Goddess, Mother Earth and feel her support you as you soak her beauty in. You will leave radiant, recharged and experience a more peaceful life.

Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Padma, Hindi for lotus flower is on my mind these days as I enjoy the last of this year's magnolia blossoms. A lotus flower symbolizes beautiful growth through muddy water, a chakra system that's healthy and a perfect cushion for a Buddha to sit on. Look a little bit more closely at the next Buddha sculpture you see, he just maybe sitting on a lotus flower. Since lotus flowers are not native to the Western world, this image of last week's magnolia blossom will do for me.

The posture padmasana, lotus flower pose, is the pretzel crossed legged seated position that is excellent for flowering open the hips and providing a solid base to sit while you lengthen your spine up to the sun like a flower's stem. The problem with this seated posture is that it is super difficult and hard on the knees for most to do. Shown below are realistic padmasana like hip openers to practice. Over time your legs will cross with ease but in the meantime these shapes will do.

Head to knee pose

Seated pigeon

Ankle to knee pose

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