A Smooth Side Body Standing Sequence

When it comes to sequencing a yoga practice, having a theme keeps your class from feeling like everything has been thrown into the kitchen sink. Lately lengthening and strengthening the side body has been musing me.

The sequence warrior 2 pose to triangle pose to 1/2 moon pose is a no fail standing combination that everyone loves because it is smooth and works. Sure, standing in 1/2 moon pose gets you to wobble a bit but moving yourself over to a wall or a tree like I did here gets you to examine the pose deeper and feel the importance of keeping the sides of your body long and strong similar to the trunk of a tree. In all of these poses the lower body is rooted, the trunk is stable while the upper body expands and slightly sways like tree's branches moving on the wind.

In writing this, I'm noticing how the recent lush, green and fullness of early summer's trees has inspired my attention to finding the power of the trees within my body as well as guiding others to find it.

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Bringing the arms overhead and gazing up past them encourages the shoulders to align over the hips for warrior 2 pose.

Warrior 2 pose

I call this a side bending triangle.

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Triangle pose

Reach up with the top arm, not behind you.

Top arm prep for 1/2 moon pose.

1/2 Moon pose

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