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Thursday, June 27, 2013

3 Ways to One Big Pose

Compass pose

As I wrap up my two month long side bending study and currently create back bending choreography, here is an example of last week's fascination, three poses to ease into one big side body pose, compass pose. In Sanskrit it is called parivrtta (twisting) surya (sun) yantrasana (meditation diagram.) A perfect pose for last weekend's Summer Solstice celebrations where watching the fiery sun dance across the ball room of the blue umbrella sky was the main event.

Prasarita Padottanasana/wide angle standing forward bend variation

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Utthita hasta padangusthasana/extended hand to big toe pose variation

Parivrtta paschimottoanasana/ revolved seated forward bend

Monday, June 24, 2013

NEW Thursday evening class @ Central Park Yoga

Join me for a NEW class at www.centralparkyoga.com starting Thursday June 27th at 6:30pm where we will watch summer's lengthy days wane in light as we ground, strengthen and relax ourselves by practicing yoga.

We meet at 81st Street and Central Park West's entrance and walk into the park together.

Please bring a mat, water bottle and a towel if desired.

The exchange is $20 a class or $140 for a 10 class card.

Join Central Park Yoga's Facebook group. Here you will be informed of a class cancellation due to rain.

Central Park Yoga's weekly schedule:

Thursdays   6:30 pm   with Allison Egan Datwani   www.glamorousyogini.com

Saturdays   9 am   with Kirtan Smith   www.thecontentsoul.com

Sundays   10 am   with Lisa Langer   www.lisalangeryoga.com

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Upside Down Tree Pose, Handstand

Upside down poses, especially one like handstand that has plenty of fall down fear factor, sharpens your focus and gets you to see from a new perspective. On a day like today, the Summer Solstice, as I reflect in the glow of the sun's lengthy light of all that's grown into my year so far... my realization is that my life is flourishing in a direction that I thought would happen later while other life topics are moving in what feels like an unfair snail's pace.

I understand that the three eclipses that started in late April and continued through May made me and I'm sure you move through what felt like high dams in the stream. Having been forced to find another way about going about my business and personal life, I can attribute what's happening now is a result of this past spring's celestial sway.

Practicing going upside down in handstand is helping me to put my heart above my head more often and trust that all is coming although life sometimes appears to be upside down.

Prep for Adho-downward Mukha-face Vrksa-tree, adhomukhavrkasana/handstand

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lighting Candles

You can speak up, ask, beg and scream while many times what you are looking to communicate goes unheard or misunderstood. When this happens I throw my hands up in the air and light a lot of candles. This is my way of surrendering to higher forces and trusting spirit is at work. Usually the result of my asking for whatever it is combined with the feeling of deep trust in the forefront of my consciousness brings me exactly what I need. Typically it shows up better than planned and after a couple of years or so I can reflect back and say it was all perfect.

My candle lighting always includes objects that I find pretty and calming. Here are three mini candlelit altars that I've made in the past two months.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Green Man's Reign

Every tree is now lush and green with leaves as we approach the longest day of light, June 21st, the Summer Solstice. This day marks the high point of the sun's strength in the sky while on earth the trees in the Northern Hemisphere are in their most lively shape. The Green Man is now fully awake. He's a legendary sacred male tree spirit who peers his penetrating eyes through the trees. He shines and spreads earthly wisdom while you walk amongst the them. Can you feel him?

He is an earth bound representation of the sun's power. He is both wild and graceful as he encourages us to sit under him and cool down in the shade. You may hear an occasional song from his leaves while the summer's wind rides on his limbs. Spiritually he knows it is easy to loose your high vibrational center while an early summer's life is growing and moving at such a fast pace. Call on him the next time you're with the trees. He will gift you with feeling grounded, stable and having the courage to expand and branch out like him.

He's waiting.

A half moon variation.

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