Upside Down Tree Pose, Handstand

Upside down poses, especially one like handstand that has plenty of fall down fear factor, sharpens your focus and gets you to see from a new perspective. On a day like today, the Summer Solstice, as I reflect in the glow of the sun's lengthy light of all that's grown into my year so far... my realization is that my life is flourishing in a direction that I thought would happen later while other life topics are moving in what feels like an unfair snail's pace.

I understand that the three eclipses that started in late April and continued through May made me and I'm sure you move through what felt like high dams in the stream. Having been forced to find another way about going about my business and personal life, I can attribute what's happening now is a result of this past spring's celestial sway.

Practicing going upside down in handstand is helping me to put my heart above my head more often and trust that all is coming although life sometimes appears to be upside down.

Prep for Adho-downward Mukha-face Vrksa-tree, adhomukhavrkasana/handstand

top & tights shoes circa 2011 earrings & mala around the wrist

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