An Introduction to Glamorous Yogini

    I'm Allison Egan Datwani. Welcome to my personal yoga lifestyle blog. I've been practicing and teaching yoga for over thirty years. Despite being taught by my teachers to renounce most of life's material pleasures to attain a few glimpses of illumination, I've come to learn living a monk's life made me feel grey both inside and out. After plenty of self study and getting real with myself, I've come to live my life following my truth, knowing that plenty of what my teachers said is true. Especially the teaching that one needs to cultivate an ease with letting go to live a peaceful life. With this being said, the truth of impermanence is one of the few reasons why I named my blog Glamorous Yogini. Let me explain.

   The beauty loving side of me gets a thrill out of admiring and adorning myself with all things alluring as long as my lipsticks to lotions are cruelty free. Fair trade plants and flowers plus reclaimed interior design catches my attention while yoga and all things related to yoga satisfies me to the core. However the challenge is seeing beauty when everything that seems real like a marriage, home, job, health and so forth falls apart. 

   This blog is my way of sharing what inspires my healing to achieve wholeness as I move through the good, bad and neutral periods of life. The essence of Glamorous Yogini is seeing the goodness and greatness of it all. This vision is not to brush over the tragedies of life but rather to give light to the grace within them. So if you love beauty, nature, fitness, and yoga's wisdom then Glamorous Yogini is for you.

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