The Green Man's Reign

Every tree is now lush and green with leaves as we approach the longest day of light, June 21st, the Summer Solstice. This day marks the high point of the sun's strength in the sky while on earth the trees in the Northern Hemisphere are in their most lively shape. The Green Man is now fully awake. He's a legendary sacred male tree spirit who peers his penetrating eyes through the trees. He shines and spreads earthly wisdom while you walk amongst the them. Can you feel him?

He is an earth bound representation of the sun's power. He is both wild and graceful as he encourages us to sit under him and cool down in the shade. You may hear an occasional song from his leaves while the summer's wind rides on his limbs. Spiritually he knows it is easy to loose your high vibrational center while an early summer's life is growing and moving at such a fast pace. Call on him the next time you're with the trees. He will gift you with feeling grounded, stable and having the courage to expand and branch out like him.

He's waiting.

A half moon variation.

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