Sacred Spaces

Sacred spaces are peaceful places that I frequent during the in between moments of my busy life. Such as when my toddler is napping in his stroller, before I pick up my teenage son from his very active life and sometimes I'm lucky enough to sit and ground in these spaces before I lead a class or have a meeting.

These days, especially since it is warming up, I'm noticing spending some time in sacred spaces is making up for those less grounded moments I have on my yoga mat earlier in the morning. I practice yoga and meditation nearly daily and because of my family lifestyle I consistently have to get up before the crack of dawn to do so. Most mornings I have some time to myself yet on the others I'm interrupted with a little angelic voice singing "Mommy!" No doubt a dream to hear but overtime feelings of being unbalanced swells.

I remind myself often that Motherhood like life comes in phases, what happens now will morph into something new in time, so cherish what you have now. If you're feeling like me, a little overwhelmed at times in the Goddess role, consider stepping into a nearby park for a few moments. Here you can rest on the Great Goddess, Mother Earth and feel her support you as you soak her beauty in. You will leave radiant, recharged and experience a more peaceful life.

Happy Mother's Day!

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