Padma, Hindi for lotus flower is on my mind these days as I enjoy the last of this year's magnolia blossoms. A lotus flower symbolizes beautiful growth through muddy water, a chakra system that's healthy and a perfect cushion for a Buddha to sit on. Look a little bit more closely at the next Buddha sculpture you see, he just maybe sitting on a lotus flower. Since lotus flowers are not native to the Western world, this image of last week's magnolia blossom will do for me.

The posture padmasana, lotus flower pose, is the pretzel crossed legged seated position that is excellent for flowering open the hips and providing a solid base to sit while you lengthen your spine up to the sun like a flower's stem. The problem with this seated posture is that it is super difficult and hard on the knees for most to do. Shown below are realistic padmasana like hip openers to practice. Over time your legs will cross with ease but in the meantime these shapes will do.

Head to knee pose

Seated pigeon

Ankle to knee pose

Top leggings necklace ballet flats


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