Spring's 4 Favorite Easy & Natural Beauty Finds

Finally found it! Organic mascara that works and is good for my lashes @ www.physiciansformula.com

When you practice looking at the lighter side of life you naturally start making better choices. You also realize that sharing is part of the process. Here are 4 favorite spring picks that are new to me and are adding ease, well being and beauty into my daily life.

Denim leggings that are under $40. Great for the yoga mat, street and beyond @ www.hue.com

Chia seeds are amazing. They are gelatinous and when digested toxins stick to them. You can say chia seeds assist in pushing the bad stuff out of you. This kombucha tea mixed with chia seeds from www.synergydrinks.com has more omega 3's in it than a serving of salmon plus it is packed with probiotics and antioxidants. It comes in many delicious flavors and I'll admit I like the green chia best because it looks so weird while you drink it. 

Burning soy organic candles like this lilac candle from www.seedsoycandles.com is the way to go. Think about it, if you burn a candle made of chemicals you then inhale them. 

Buying consciously does take a bit more effort but I'm noticing now that more of us are doing so, prices for healthy products are becoming more competitive and within reach for most consumers. What you buy does make a difference.

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