Making Altars, a Moving Meditation


Sometimes setting intentions and knowing is all you can do. Making altars are active meditations I do where I collect what celebrates my current intention. These sacred spaces are never planned out rather the pieces simply show up once my intention becomes clearer to me. Flowers in the market place call me over while branches, leaves and stones during my nature walks ask me to take them home. Vases, benches and deities are either gifted, inherited or found in the thrift shops I frequent. I've come to learn that these pretty symbols of what I'm dreaming about always magically appear to me when I take the time to notice them. Similar to how my intentions eventually materialize in the world, in disguise and better than imagined.

An early spring bloom.

St. Valentine's Day love and beauty altar.

January's prosperity space. "Har, Har, Gobinday!" A Sikh abundance mantra.

Last fall's gratitude space with Ganesh. Thankful for the energy to move through a few blocks and receive abundance.


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