The Saint, the Goddess Brighid & Self Love


February 2 for me is way more than Groundhog Day. It shares the holy day I remember so clearly from my Catholic schooling as the feast day of Saint Brighid. For the past 5 years one of my favorite past time activities is Celtic study. As a result, I now identify this day and month of February like my Irish ancestors did long ago as Goddess Brighid's time.

She's a triple pagan Goddess who invokes the energies of fire, fertility and creativity. She was so loved by the Celts, that Christian conquerors chose to deify her as St. Brighid because it was easier to recreate her image than to try to extinguish the love people had for her.

The woods surrounding New York City have many fallen trees as a result of last fall's hurricane Sandy. This one was sturdy enough to back bend over.

The energy of Brighid be it a Saint or a Goddess keeps our home's warm and toasty during winter's cold. She encourages us to reexamine our life and see if it is working for us in keeping true to attract our New Year's Dreams we set not too long ago. This is why she is associated with healing and fertility in addition to inspiring a more creative and poetic life.

Coat, head wrap & booties 2011

To celebrate Brighid's day, I was fortunately able to have an unexpected private day. This seldom happens being a wife and mother of two. Especially since my youngest is two years old. Gratefully with this space I happily practiced yoga alone, ate lunch out with a favorite book and got a manicure and pedicure. Pink was my choice color for this month of hearts, love and the hope of an early spring.

Gloves scarf, street vendor

During my few hour day cation, I had the ability to mentality sort out what needs to go in my weekly routine so that I can have some regular me time in the future. Having scheduled space I can rest a bit, visualize what I would like to see come towards me and most importantly consciously summon it.  If you're feeling like you could use a little bit of this space to do the same, Brighid is the Goddess or Saint to call upon. She is a purifier. She's associated with the element of fire which burns away the old in addition to being in cahoots with moving water that is always going forward and looking for a larger body of water to flow into.

Tights knee high socks red sweater on sale

This month consider being your own Valentine first. There's nothing selfish about taking care of yourself. Open your arms and heart to love you. When you do you will feel better, smile and reach out to others with ease. You will also attract the life you want to live.

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