Winter Break: Taking a Bird's Eye View

Without foliage on the trees, winter is a great time to bird watch. Gratefully I was lucky enough to spend some time down south vacationing with my family where I was able to observe southern Florida's beach variety. Having time off from a routine schedule of being here and there gave me the space I have been craving for some time to just be in one place most of the time. In this case it was the beach. Here I consistently noticed what was under my feet, flying above me and I observed where the sun and moon was positioned in the sky throughout the day. I got a thrill each time flying fish and manatee's would pop out of the water and show me their mermaid like tails. I was fortunate enough to make a lovely beach buddy named, Bernice Shaller who snapped the pics you see in this post in addition to sharing plenty of wisdom on letting go and acceptance. I also enjoyed several spontaneous outdoor yoga practices that at times turned into mini group yoga beach classes with my new friends who weren't afraid of getting sand all over themselves. All of this occurred while being serenaded by the melodic ancient conversation of the sea and the sand meeting each other.

Here I felt a consistent connection of being with the realm of spirit and connected and balanced with the realm of earth. Now that I'm back home, I've simplified my schedule a bit and I'm making it my practice to not let life's pressures lead me into an ungrounded and not noticing state. Like the birds that sat alongside me and flew overhead at the beach, I will practice noticing the birds at home as a reminder to remain connected to both worlds. I will use their keen skills of observation and vision to get right to the point of where I wish to move my energy towards in 2016.

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