Bare Footing

Bare footing is a summertime healing ritual I love to do where I kick off my shoes and walk on the grass, water or damp earth. When you stand, sit, recline or exercise like practice yoga in direct contact with Mother Earth, her energy can easily flow through you. Your feet along with the rest of you will have a different sensory experience than usual with the dirt, grass, water, air and sunlight.

Bare footing develops a deeper relationship with the Great Goddess, Mother Earth. After all, she's always there and waiting for us to come on home to rest and renew with her. The results of doing so are a more grounded state of being, confidence and a more intimate relationship with the natural world. When you make the time to experience this summer ritual it is almost impossible to treat yourself, Mother Earth or anyone else irresponsibly.

My little man opening my heart a little more in this hanumanasana/split pose back bend variation.  Leggings last year from T shirt from Finds Sample Sale Boutique in Nyack, NY, shades earrings green tote sandals gifted

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