Summer Legs & Low Back Therapy

As we near the Summer Solstice, June 21st, it is a time of endings. The end of school, lengthening of day's light and cooler spring weather. At the same time it is just the beginning of a new schedule, summer vacations, outdoor activities and celebrations. If you've planted tomatoes you can expect them to be ripening on the vine or simply enjoy the best tomatoes you've seen in a long time at the grocery store.

It is a masculine time of year when the sun's fiery strength is potent. Since there's so much growth coming at us, I feel this period of time is when paying attention to our lower body's health is important. By doing so we can prevent going off balance and keep up with the locomotive energy that is expected of us during the summer months. At my upcoming workshop "Liberate Your Lower Back and Hips" we will practice a combination of lower body focused classical yoga postures, physical therapy exercises and do an energetic chakra cleansing meditation while resting in a restorative yoga posture. These techniques will enable the lower hemisphere of our body to match the freedom found in summer's boundless skies.

Liberate Your Lower Back and Hips Workshop at Bamboomoves Yoga in Englewood, NJ

Saturday June 14th   4pm-6:30pm    $40 paid in advance $50 day of 

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Hand to big toe pose. T shirt and sandals last year from skirt, vintage and made to fit by my tailor, earrings sun glasses

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