Beginner's Yoga Workshop

A goal of mindfulness is to have a beginner's mind. A mind that can acknowledge the present environment, exactly the way it is without trying to change it. Like a little child full of wonder and curiosity. We can all be beginners at anything and learn something new and grow if we are open enough to try. If any of this sounds interesting to you, perhaps joining a Beginner's Yoga Workshop is for you even if you have been practicing yoga for decades.

I will be leading the Beginner's Yoga Workshop   Saturday   September 13th    3:30pm-6:00pm @Bamboomoves Yoga in Englewood, NJ

Flexibility not required, just curiosity!

Workshop Highlights:

Posture Alignment

Energetic Alignment

The Art of Vinyasa-Moving with Breath

Modifications/Using Props

Meditation Tools and Techniques

$40 paid in advance $50 day of

*If you bring a friend you can participate in the workshop for FREE!

Register in Englewood, NJ

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