Exercise Noticing Change

Darker days and cooler nights are more obvious now that we have experienced this week's Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. What are you noticing that tells you we are shifting into a new season? Leaves turning into sunset hues of gold, orange and red. Birds no longer serenading you to wake up in the morning. Where you live may feel like summer at noon and cold enough for a light jacket in the evening. Or perhaps there's more rain where you live.

If you are feeling stuck in experiencing the same old thing day after day, taking a moment where you use your senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling how your environment is changing in apparent and not so pronounced ways may help you get out of the what is vibration and into what is becoming.

List 3 changes you have noticed since the hottest days of August. You can do this in your mind, paper or snap pictures with your phone's camera. Exercising noticing change a few times a week will keep you in the moment, aware that everything in your environment transforms and it is your choice to flow and grow with it or not.

Soccer season and green grass fading to gold.

More cats roaming about.

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