4th of July Class

The month of July is Queen Anne's lace flowers growing along the roads, firefly lights at night and fire works exploding in the sky on or around the 4th. School is out and summer is in full effect. As we take the day off on the 4th to celebrate Independence Day with parades, barbecues and firework displays, I invite you to tap into the vibe of freedom that's floating in the air and find it within your mind and body as we practice yoga together at the 11:30 am Basics level class for 1 hr and 30 minwww.bamboomovesenglewood.com

Here we will ground, strengthen and open up as we declare our intentions and work towards freeing ourselves of what blocks us.

Queen Anne's lace

Necklace, Ecuador, shades, tights and skirt that was pulled up to be a dress circa 2012 www.forever21.com earrings www.lailarowe.com tote, India and sandals circa 2012 www.ninewest.com

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