A Midsummer Sunset Ritual

Most of July in New York City has been extra steamy and hot keeping me out of the park during my free time and spending some time along the open and airy Hudson River. Here I've been gazing westward in the evening and bidding farewell to the sun as the shortening of days is now apparent.

We are halfway to fall and the fruits and vegetables of summer are abundant on the market's shelves however all the fruits of our labor remain to be seen. While a few seeds may have matured and are somewhat apparent to you now feelings of fear on some days may out weigh the belief you have on other wishes arrival. If you find yourself sitting in between hope and fear, know that you're not alone. It is harvest time in the Northern Hemisphere and whether you're a farmer or not, we all planted something this year making trust the common theme. Fortunately the harvest season lasts until late fall, so there's still time.

The ancients and I'm referring to Celtic times created a holiday which is celebrated on or around August 1st called Lughnasad, some call it Lammas. Then it was typical to observe the sun God, Lugh by watching the sunset in a ritual/party like style knowing that all is well, all is perfect and all will come. Not a bad mantra to repeat while you catch your next sunset.

"All is well.

All is perfect.

All will come."

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