Seeing the Other Side with a Headstand Practice

January being the month of starting over and keeping true to our New Year's resolutions, I can't think of a better pose to initiate seeing there's another way to approach life than going upside down in a head stand. When you do, you can see from a new perspective.

Forearm downward facing dog is excellent to breathe in to develop headstand strength & flexibility.

In the East they say that even the other side of something has another side. I guess the American way of expressing this is there's no black and white.

Crown of the head rests on the floor. Do not do this ladies if you are in the 1st 3 days of your menstrual cycle or pregnant. Please bypass a headstand practice if you feel tension around your eyes, sinuses, pain on the top of your head, have high blood pressure and/or have heart disease. Also if you recently had a surgery or dental work this pose wouldn't be a good pose to practice.

Like taking a snow globe and turning it upside down, the snow like our thoughts and attachments get to soften, undo and have the potential to renew while being upside down.

Press ribs and one thigh towards each other. No jumping on your head!

As I move into the arm and head balance my heart's beat and breath is finally louder than my mind.

Press ribs towards both thighs. If you feel balanced continue.

Feeling steady, my breath and heartbeat slow down. I see a dust ball float by, a scratch of red nail polish on the wall and the shape of the wall's floor molding. I realize that I'm not alone. I'm one beat from a much larger drum. I'm seeing from a new angle.

Find a dog tilt in the spine.

Once balanced grow long and squeeze your inner thighs towards each other.

The fall out out of sirsasana/headstand

Like placing the snow globe right side up and coming out of headstand and resting, I notice how my thoughts and beliefs slowly spiral down towards the earth.

Balasana/child's pose

I have the option to not let them land and tap into my new found perspective.

Tank tights & knee socks

I realize I need to turn myself upside down more often in order to see my path as phases. Points of time that need each other as I reshape and shift into something new.

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