A Magical Winter Get Away

Gratefully I've just returned from a magical journey closer to the sun with my husband. What a treat since it was a biting 11 degrees when we left New York City.

Miami's horizon

Shades & camisole www.forever21.com

My dry itchy cracked skin and stuffy sinuses were instantly cured once I experienced a few hours of tropical air. In the past I never took off in January yet doing so made me realize how perfect it is for you physically, mentally and emotionally as it is the time after the year's great darkness but also before the Northern Hemisphere's sun more obviously strengthens and we charge onward with the year.

The Delano Hotel pool

The Shelbourne Hotel

On this trip I sat more than usual. I contemplated alone and at other times with my honey. Together we had what I call "Dream Meetings." I felt illuminated as the warm sunlight embraced me.

Tights www.forever21.com

Shadows were acknowledged.

While lush foliage reminded me of letting go of darkness and the promise of new growth.

Nespresso iced mocha

As we sipped on designer coffee and did plenty of deep gazing... our dream eyes, our third eyes were spinning. Seeing exactly what we want to attract. The knowing in my belly makes it feel so real.

My love, my mirror, Amit

Sun totem, The Standard Hotel

Now that I've returned home, I'm holding onto the magic of my dream vision. Letting go of dream stealers and high vibe vampires. I'm sending compassionate exhales out and mixing with those that share their vision. Their version of their new world.

My current ritual is to light many candles in the evening, appreciate what is and make some more wishes.

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