Yoga's Gifts of Space & Connection

I hope your first week of the New Year has been a grand fresh start. For me having spent all my working years in the health and wellness game I can say this month is annually jammed packed with people coming into class and starting the New Year with their well being in mind. During the past few days I've been returning plenty of phone calls and answering emails from old friends who want to restart their yoga practice as well as speaking to first timers before class about what all the yoga fuss is about.

The question I've answered several times in the past week has been "What are the benefits of practicing yoga?" At first my answers were the basic response of you get to stretch, strengthen and pray all at the same time. After such an answer lost my interest, my answer has refined itself into something like this...

When you practice yoga consistently, overtime the simple act of noticing your breath releases that kink from your neck, chips away at sorrow from decades past, tones up what gravity pulls down and your thoughts become less easy to buy into. When you find that space in your body and mind you receive yoga's gift of being able to act from a very powerful place.

With practice you can take your connected state from the mat onto the streets and into your daily life. There's one catch... to make a change like this you need to show up.

A deep side bending sequence.

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