Spring's Choreography Notes

I don't write my yoga class choreography down, rather I visualize my class plan during quiet moments and feel it out on the mat while I practice alone. However recently what I've noticed now that my life has become more digital, is the pictures I take and later reflect on, act like notes as they greatly inspire my expression of practicing and teaching yoga.

Here are a few images that caught my attention on last weekend's walk through Central Park with my little son, Krishna. An angel, a flag blowing in the wind and crocuses, spring's first flower in full bloom. The pictures below each image are the yoga shapes that are inspired by my recent photos. These days I'm spending a little more time in these yoga postures and pondering them on my mat as I get my choreography sorted out through my consciousness for my upcoming April workshops.

The words that come to mind to describe these picture images and yoga shapes are extreme arm extension, light and airy while being rooted in the lower body and emerging from the earth.
All of which is perfect for spring's theme of breaking out of the confines of winter's egg and spreading our wings out to feel spring's warmth.

Extreme arm extension with warrior 2 arms. Sweater & under sweater, end of season sale www.zara.com Scarf, gifted from India

Light and airy on top and rooted at the base of the body with a standing back bend. Sweater & scarf, end of season sale www.zara.com

Emerging from the darkness of the underworld like a flower and the Grecian Goddess Pershepone while in a lizard pose variation. Sweater, end of season sale www.zara.com Boots www.ninewest.com scarf, gifted from India, leggings www.lailarowe.com gloves, Century 21

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