Best Yogini Fashion Find to Welcome an Early Spring

Sweater tights boots & shades

Earrings with an Indian flair that flip from neon pink to yellow and scarf

Being that it is light longer and every other few days is not bitter cold, my craving for wearing mostly black, grey and browns is fading. I've found during these last weeks of winter adding pastel colored nail polishes and scarves work well in lightening up my look and outlook however my latest fashion find, a boxy off white sweater tunic, I bought on sale at Zara's 2 weeks ago is giving me tons of wearing mileage in feeling springy and moving forward.

Being a tunic it covers my tail making it the perfect cover up to and from the yoga mat. It brings me to meetings, the market place and on the playground where I run after my energetic toddler. Being a chunky sweater it keeps me warm worn alone during a sunny lunchtime or it can be covered up with a lighter coat later in the day. Also it is a classic color, off white, which is perfect to take the place of my everyday blacks and grays. Since off white spiritually symbolizes purity and renewal like an egg it is the perfect color to wear this month as we welcome spring, the season of rebirth. Besides there's a history to this look as Irish Americans wear a sweater similar to this called an Aran sweater during and around March 17, St. Patty's Day to remember their original clan and welcome the greening of the earth.

Cuff gloves, New York City street vendor

Presently you can find this sweater look on store racks, hopefully on sale and absolutely at a fashion forward thrift shop.

Fashion tip- Wear one size larger than you are.

Combine this sweater look with what I like to call the crayon colored bright leg trend and you will feel lighter.

Coat bought on sale @, bag, gifted and vintage

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