Fire in the Belly workshop, Igniting Your New Year's Dreams

As we wind down from Christmas celebrations and wait for the clock to strike 12 on New Year's Eve, whispers of New Year's dreams run through our consciousness. This time last year I asked myself "Is what I wish for really what I want to attract?" As a result of listening, being truthful with myself and giving up a few things to do the work to attract what I love during 2012, my wishes slowly came through. Surprisingly they showed up with different characters and story lines than I imagined. The saying "Be careful what you wish for" sure has meaning for me as I reflect on the past year and sit in a new reality.

With the holiday's upbeat pace sometimes finding the quiet time to reflect on the past year and attract newness that's to your liking for the new year gets lost. Therefore after the bubbly is done clouding up your consciousness and the holiday fuss is over, during the second Saturday of the New Year, January 12th at 3:30 pm for 2 hours, I will be leading a workshop that's perfect for getting clear on what you wish to attract in 2013 called Fire in Your Belly, Igniting Your New Year's Dreams at

In this workshop I will guide you to:

Physically strengthen the 3rd chakra, the belly and lower back by way of practicing yoga postures. Manipura chakra, the 3rd chakra is the energy center from which yogis, shamans and reiki masters suggest your knowing of yourself, your gut instincts and personal power is born.

We will uncover whether your desires come from your own truth or the voices of others in your head.

Discuss how a clear mind can nourish and maintain a healthy body.

Learn 5 techniques you can practice today to keep your dreams coming towards you while still living in the moment.

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Happy New Year!

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