Breaking Holiday Expectations

Red berry wreath and blue paint. A cheerful color combination.

During the holiday season it is easy for many people to feel disappointed and let down rather than peaceful and joyous. I guess it is because most of us have such high expectations of how we would like people to act and things to go. Memories of past pleasant holiday experiences or festive holiday images that we've seen in movies and forget are fictitious dance in our head when holiday lights are strung and parties begin.

This past weekend I was geared up to teach and spend some alone time with my husband. Unfortunately he had to leave town and one of my classes never happened. With some unexpected free time on my hands while I was mentally and emotionally wired for the opposite, certainly had me feel out of sorts. After taking a few deep breaths and pressing my two feet deep into the ground, I knew I wanted to feel whole and not attached to the way my time was supposed to flow. Therefore I turned this scenario around into having an unexpected and well needed date with myself. First I opted to do what always seems to unite and ground my fragmented self other than practicing yoga postures, I went for a long walk.

With my phone silenced, my voice quiet and my camera around my neck here are a few images of what I saw and did.

I noticed that although winter begins in about one week there are leafless branches with tight buds on some trees that are waiting to bloom by next spring.

Drops of water that look like crystal balls with what looks like alternate realities within.

A berry realm

Enjoyed a manicure with Christmas morning polish with gold glitter on my ring finger. I also went thrift shopping and bought a rustic blue vintage chair for my toddler. The red berry wreath and blue house I saw earlier in the day sure made an impression with my color choices.

I picked up 3 glass bottles for $1.75 while thrift shopping. They are perfect to display my berry branches.

If you find any one of your great expectations falling apart this holiday season, you may just want to practice being quiet and allowing your senses to wrap around inspiration rather than attachment to what could have been. I've noticed by practicing, there's a world beyond the world I think I live in. Allow it to reveal itself to you and experience the magical holiday season.

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