Being Open to 2014

I'm so happy with how my "Fire in the Belly, Ignite Your New Year's Dreams Workshop" went this past weekend. Mostly because the exercise of stopping midway through the physical yoga flow and privately writing down our New Year's dreams revealed to me what I wholeheartedly wish to attract.

A few weeks before the workshop I wrote down what I want to draw in for 2014 yet in this special class/ritual like space I was shocked how much deeper I went. Last Saturday my practical mind cringed at what I wrote down while my heart continues to soar with delight. Like last year my dream filled index card is taped to the inside of my medicine cabinet so each time I brush my teeth and put on my eye cream I can read over my wishes and notice if any of their seedlings are starting to sprout.

One of my surprise to me intentions is to work with a yoga/lounge wear clothing line that is in alignment with my views of the new age of fashion. Like magic, this past Monday I met with where she and I have agreed to team up for 2014 to share her ultra sleek and chic, sustainable fabric plus made locally in New York City designs.

I'm consciously working on being open to the many adventures ahead. Practicing deep back bending poses like wheel and variations shown here is exercising my ability to allow what comes in with less armor on and come give it to me energy.

Wheel pose/urvdha danurasana. Skirt vintage Peruna from Marks and Spencer, London. Black leather jacket bought off the street about a decade ago in New York City. Scratches and all it is getting better with age. Black tank, biker tall boots

Urvdha Hastasana, hands over head. Hat and faux fur scarf, makeup

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