Fill Yourself Up with Goodness and There Will Be No Room for the Bad Stuff

The holidays are over and our schedules begin again. So does our habits, the good ones, the bad and the neutral. As I was driving my teenage son to school this morning, first day back since his winter break, I was thinking about what could be the best New Year's health and wellness advice I can offer to myself and others. I have a memory of hearing a great tip, I can't remember from where yet it occasionally repeats through my consciousness as a sweet mantra. It is, fill yourself up with goodness and there will be no room for the bad stuff. Apply this tip as you like to your diet, friends, work, etc. Surround yourself, inhale and eat good for you food, words and thoughts and eventually your actions will be your best new habits.

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

My weekly yoga classes are a strong yet slow flow. Designed for the novice and for the Intermediate and Advanced student who wants to ground a little more, refine your posture's alignment as you hold the poses a little longer and get stronger.

Thursdays   11:30 am   Basics   1 hr and 30 min 

Sundays   12 noon   Basics   1 hr and 30 min in Englewood, New Jersey

Saturday   January 11th   @ 3:30 pm  for 2 hours  I will be leading a great workshop to tone your core body, yoga style with no gym like crunches. Here we will also create a personal ritual space to solidify your New Year's dreams.

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