Halloween/Samhain Ritual

     During Halloween, Samhain is its ancient name, the veil between the worlds is thin. The truth is the veil between the worlds is always thin when we lift the veil within our minds that separates us from seeing ourselves as pure consciousness who lives in multiple dimensions. This Halloween both the sun and the moon are in Scorpio, so astrologically it's a perfect time to gaze deeply into the depths of yourself, look at your fears, the power you give them and begin the let go process.

    Consider doing a solitary candlelight gazing meditation ritual where you allow your deep seated fears to surface. Here you can feel them, say goodbye to them and observe how they transform into your empowerment. If you celebrate this time by exploring beyond your believed safety zones by taking part in the thrills and chills of Halloween by going to dress up parties, watching scary movies, attending parades and more, be sure to take the hands of whoever you are with to share the theme of letting go. Courageously walk up to death and say "Hello!"

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