Meditation: Harvest Season

What if I let go of everything I planned for today and tomorrow and sit in that space the gurus talk about where I am not the body, not the mind? I am nothing, in no place, in no time and floating about the cosmos. Maybe sitting on a flower or hanging out on a thread of a rug.

What would happen? Would I catch that train going somewhere new and needed when I pop back into my mind and body? Would I be OK with what I chose before is not needed in the world today? Can I stay on the new pathway of infinite potential and co create a far reaching reality than imagined before?

As my friends and students gift me homegrown blueberries, tomatoes and honey from their backyards as I book my back to school teachings, I feel how the harvest season is in full swing. During this season of collecting what's new during August-November, enjoy picking the fruits of your labor, your love. But do know you can re chose what you collect in gratitude. Nothing has to be a certain way.  Let the magic unfold.

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