The Benefits of Bare Footing in Nature

There's a New Age term for bare footing in nature and it's called earthing. Earthing means walking barefoot on any natural non concrete surface such as soil, grass or sand. I believe what keeps most of us from earthing outdoors is the fear of stepping on something sharp and cutting ourselves. Therefore I suggest finding a patch of grass or a dirt path that you feel is glass free where you can put your fears to rest as you kick off your shoes and feel the earth underneath you.

Early scientific studies are showing that something as simple as going barefoot and walking on grass, soil and sand allows electrons from the earth's natural charge to flow freely through our bodies, equalizing our electromagnetic field and other electrical charges in the body. The positive testimonials regarding earthing's health benefits are intriguing. People claim various advantages from earthing such as sleep improvement, a reduction in pain, jet lag, stress and inflammation, which is the cause of most chronic illnesses today in addition to improved immunity, decreases in unwanted symptoms of pre menstrual syndrome, menopause and more. Try earthing for yourself and after a month or so of regular bare footing in nature notice what you feel.

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